Warband Tabs Can We Not Overprice This?

Hey Blizzard?

Can we not make them ridiculously priced like this?

Not asking it to be free. But a reduction in price of at least the last two.

Heres a few posts that highlight fairly good ideas to lower the threshold.


I mean its just the last tab thats stupid priced

Can still get 4 other tabs for less than half that


Unless they’re going to drop 10M into my account to help cover the costs and leave me some extra.
But I’m not greedy…I’d settle for 7M.


I barely have a mil on all characters combined…so…guess I won’t be getting those tabs, lol.


If you can’t afford it then it’s not for you. Everything the game offers isn’t for everyone.

Remember when everyone got so mad about missing out on the removed dino mount that they thought they supposedly would be able to afford. Save up for this if you want it.


I’ll likely just stick to using my setup now, which is an alt that has a guild bank just for old mats etc. I’ll use the cheap warband tabs but I’m not sinking millions of gold into it.


The first three tabs seems more than fair for the convenience you get out of them.

Tab 4 and Tab 5, are you really going to need that much? The only people I see needing that much are “professional” auction house jockeys and they’ll probably scoop the tabs early and be done with it.


$6,252,000 gold
About $400+ worth of tokens.

I failed a Wrist-matic®.

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or 10 cheesecakes, as long as we’re randomly converting!

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let me grab a flame-proof vest for you.
you’re going to need it.

where did you get that from?

Tab Cost
Tab 1 1,000
Tab 2 25,000
Tab 3 100,000
Tab 4 500,000
Tab 5 2,500,000
Total 3,126,000

are you adding the total onto… the total?


Token sells chaaaaa chinggggg!


It’s 3,126,000 gold to buy all the tabs btw

Only the last one is expensive, the first ones only 1k

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Pretty sure cheesecakes aren’t negoitable currency for Blizzard.
Maybe in the CS department, I dunno.

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Thats kinda what I mean though…

Like the first few sure. The last two though are ridiculous. Honestly the third to last there isn’t great either…

This is supposed to fix problems not add a new one along the way.

I’d rather they just lower the price. My gods.

Its dumb.

Its literally for everyone… they’re just putting up an unnecessary price gouge.

That was also a supremely dumb choice on Blizzards part.

Yeah like… whats the point when my bank alt can get the same for less with only a slight difference in utility of those tabs?

This is a bad choice on Blizzards part.

This was supposed to fix a lot of issue and currently its just proving to be more trouble than my bank alt.

This shouldn’t have a huge cost sink associated with it. Warbands are not supposed to screw us over.

I… don’t think that right…

Total is only a little over 3mil gold I think.

Yeah see. says in the article. lol


I’ll hang on to my 5 fully expanded guild banks.


Stupid math skills of oversight. :rofl:

Just don’t buy them all?


Well, that’s a remarkably cynical take on it… I have 18 years worth of stuff, but only 500k gold. It’s far too expensive for tabs. Maybe if it were 500k total, then it’d be fine.


then you don’t have to buy them. for some people, the price is going to be well worth it. for some people (including me) it probably won’t. that’s fine.

there’s no new problem here, unless you’re in the “i have to get everything” crowd, which is a personal problem rather than a game design problem.


not everyone “needs” all the tabs. :roll_eyes:

…and keep in mind, there will probably be another large jump in the gold reward for quests etc.

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