War Campaign Conclusion Coming...PLACE YOUR BETS!


You mean the sea of tears that the Horde is going to use to sail to Stormwind when the peace-treaty is signed next expansion and we’re all raiding together?

(Eret) #22

Nomi is indeed a dreadlord

(Tiresias) #23

Am I the only one more excited over being able to put a tiny fez hat on a bee…okay so it is just me…goes to back of the room

(Triten) #24

Something something plot armor something something only a set back


Whatever happens, i’m sure we can all agree, it will be ridiculous, laughable, depressing, and above all, completely expected and not at all surprising.

But if you’re a Sylvanas fanatic, i’m sure it will be the best thing since sliced bread, and the rest of us are just big haters.

(Alamara) #26

My bets:

  • The story will be very Horde-centric.
  • We will find out that Sylvanas’ endgame is to kill Azeroth (and everyone on it) and turn it into a realm of undeath. In her twisted mind, it’s the way to give the world peace.
  • Saurfang will die. It will remind us of Grom’s sacrifice in Warcraft 3
  • Baine will step up, do something awesome and lead the Horde
  • Sylvanas will escape, revealing that her pact with Helya still stands. She escapes, with her dark ranger forces, in a kvaldir fleet.
  • There will be hints of what comes next: the war between Death and Void for the fate of Azeroth, as both Helya/Sylvanas and N’Zoth’s forces seek the same fount of power to fulfill their goals.

More predictions in my thread: Sylvanas’ Endgame.


Sylvanas and the Horde break up, Sylvanas becomes a raid boss in a Dragon Isles Old God temple.

(Thranosh) #28

It’ll end one of two ways. With me creating a Gnome who betrays the Alliance to be with her Orc lover or with me actually finding a class I enjoy playing to the point I can make it my main.

More seriously though. I’m putting my money on it going with the Alliance and the Horde fighting Sylvanas’s distraction forces in the a final warfront that leads to the siege of Stormwind where both factions fight their way through Elwin and the city to the castle where we fight Sylvanas. But before we can kill her, Helya Or N’zoth will pop up to save her because of their pact. The Horde and Alliance come together in the aftermath to form the Grand Alliance that swears to put aside their differences to save the planet.

(Briselody) #29

I’m no longer sure what kind of point you’re trying to make.

(Mairil) #30

My bet is sylvanas just gonna monologue and leave. Doing unknown stuff. Kinda like how xal’atath did. It’s a bit too fast to end her arc right here.

Faction war will end with mystery. If it did it’s kinda meh for the ending of the fourth great war unless something really surprising happen. It just doesn’t feel as great as all the other one yet.

(Hellasha) #31

I bet regardless of what happens, both factions will have players qqing about it on the forums.

(Roargathor) #32

Die in a fire you rancid corpse! FOR THE TRUE HORDE! LOK’TAR OGAR!!

(Thorland) #33

If the story ends with me getting lots of hugs, I’ll be happy.

LOL Tell that to the Forsaken she offed.

I’m sure a good number of Horde would disagree with your sentiment if Blizz didn’t gag them. Especially any druid. They know what happens to pyromaniac druids.


Sylvannas turns out to be actually good! She is a mastermind and predicted that the Heart of Azeroth would unleash N’Zoth, instead of telling Magni, she decides to kill everyone so she could raise them because death is the scissors to void’s paper.

I hope I am wrong.


I believe Tauren and blood elves are going to be able to swap from horde to alliance, I think the final Warfront ends with Silvermoon, im not sure whats going to happen there. But with the current campaign war with thunderbluff wouldn’t surprise me if this is what happens. Hopefully factions still stay, it makes the most sense! How would they balance WM if everyone was on the same side?

Just my speculation if they were going to do cross faction stuff, hopefully not:).


We agree they should be killed

They tried to defect from the horde duh

Only alliance players feel sorry for them no one else does

(Hamstar) #37

I think that boat has sailed in 1.0 and we all love her for it.


The cabbage vendor gets his cabbages back.


i bet you seven dollars that no matter what happens, people will complain about it on the forum


I have a weird feeling that by the end, the original races will be able to faction swap.