Waiting for ticket over 8 days now

By the time my ticket is answered my ban will be over


Ticket times are in the week range right now which is not normal or something Blizz is ok with.

If you feel a suspension was done in error, you need to keep the ticket open. If it is overturned then that removes the black mark from the account. You would want that done because if it stays, any future penalties will be longer as a result. Blizz does keep a permanent record and duration of suspensions stack.


Yes I do and I have screenshots to help my case. It just very disheartening because I woke up the day before wotlk release to find my account banned til Oct. 7th and by this rate I’m going to sit this one out fully. Thank you though

That won’t help your case. Blizzard goes by their own game logs they have and don’t accept screenshots, logs, or video from players as evidence. Sadly, those can be faked.


Oh well I guess I’ll be taking the boat to Northrend on Oct. 7th then :hugs:

Given the insane queues, this might be a blessing in disguise! Things should continue to settle down as you wait on either the ticket or the end of the suspension.

Enjoy it when you get free again :slight_smile: It was a very good expansion.


I do see your ticket.

First, this isn’t a ban, it’s a suspension.

Secondly - you state you don’t have access to the email on this account. That really should be the priority at the moment to address. Even when this ticket is answered - how are you going to receive the reply?


It’s just frustrating having to wait 7 days for the account action to just do its thing, the team decides to respond with their script, close out the ticket, and I have to re-open up another ticket and wait some more, ugh.

Why bother with an “attach file” then? While, I understand people can fake stuff, their system/logs should have what I have.

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Because some tickets require attached documents. Name change, country change, unlocking an account/changing email address, etc. Those require legal documents to be attached. Tech tickets can require various files and logs as well.

Not every ticket is an appeal ticket. The interface has to account for that.

If you want to suggest that appeal tickets not have any attachment option you can, but I don’t think they are going to change the interface for that. It is not like it tells you to upload any documents when you are appealing. I don’t attach something to every email I send either, even though the option is there.


As if these can’t be faked, either :roll_eyes:

Not rolling my eyes at you. Rolling them at the situation.

Nor does it say “don’t attach files”.

I don’t believe screenshots are completely disregarded. But, I’m sure their logs matter more than screenshots, that’s for sure.

There is a situation they take them. That is for emails to the hacks team. The screenshots or videos can be useful in explaining how a hack or exploit is done. However, hacks still does not use those as the means to ban someone. They would be using them as a clue to then dig into their own data, set up tracking, find and destroy the exploit and cheaters.

They don’t use them at all for appeals though. Either the logs show the account broke the rules, or they show the account did not. Blizz does not care about who started something, or what someone else said. Only the logs attached to the chat report.


Which circles us back here:

I pin point the exact location and ask for the “review” to look over that section, again.

But, this isn’t the place for this discussion. I don’t want to hijack this person’s thread.

And, TBH, I’m afraid I just can’t talk, at all because everything I say whether it’s “good” or “bad” seems to “not to be OK”. That I have to use OUTSIDE discussion methods away from the Blizzard radar to even say “nice things”.

GL to the OP.

I’ve changed the email the day of the ban which is surprising it let me do that without an confirmation to the old email. And suspension my bad sure.

@Estalayia thank you I appreciate the support :grin: #Freeme


I’m assuming this is a low level alt of somebody I already have on ignore judging by the low post count. Oh well, just gotta continue growing that ignore list.

Ah thanks for posting this, I came looking to see if anyone else was experiencing a super long wait. I put in a message a little over a week ago and haven’t heard back which is very unusual in my experiences with sending a ticket. Even if I just get told no, figured I would have heard something. But yeah at this point I’m just expecting to have to wait out the period anyway. Ah well.


Yep I have 2 days left sitting at 2 weeks I may as well just cancel my ticket at this point :man_shrugging:t4:

I would advise against just handwaving the ticket. If the appeal goes in your favor, it will remove the black mark off your account. That history could work against you if you find yourself sanctioned again in the future. Especially if it was a chat infraction - as those will normally double each time.