Wait, why are we even making a World Tree in the first place?

Considering that those are the despised lowbourne, I could see it… at least with some.

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Reminds me of the Argus patch.

Blood Elves were sort of just there because they are cool with Velen. And that is about it. The story rolls on with or without them, as far as anyone cares.

Blizzard seemed to take putting Horde where they have no business or reason, other than to just to wave in the background of alliance stories, as an easy way out.

Why is the Horde there? Because Blizzard wanted to tell Alliance stories and the Horde is an afterthought.


…so? That doesn’t mean the Horde has to do anything. I don’t remember reparartions ever being brought up in anything following the end of the war aside from a mutual agreement to hunt down Sylvie Breezejogger and her scapegoat boyfriend.
The Horde Council is still divided on whether or not it wants to even uphold the treaty in the first place, I have a hard time imagining they’d ever vote to help the Alliance set up a new seat of power for nothing in return.


It’s a leftover plot thread from Shadowlands Blizzard wanted to force out before the new Saga begins. So they lazily based the last patch of DF on it so they can put the nelf abuse train on hold until they reach Elune in Midnight.


if the NE community didn’t comment on every single event not affecting them about how that effects them personally I might care more.


So that Night elf players have something else to cry over for the next 3 years.


Everyone except Illidan and the Highborne realized regarding the wells lol.

And Steve Danuser, I guess he also didn’t realize, so here we are.


We should care because if the tree burns Fyrakka would take out the entire Emerald Dream with him.

Then the tree should not have existed in the first place!


Except the tree like Nordrassil, will help Azeroth heal and actually allow nature to strengthen. Also likely strengthening the Emerald Dream in the process as well(you know considering its the dream’s hope)

Or do you want another Emerald Nightmare to spread?

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Doesn’t making another world tree make that more likely? Nordrassil, even without dragon blessings, is immune, as early sources didn’t actually say it’s immunity was from the aspects, it was the nature of it’s birth and where. Hence why the Nightmare basically has never touched it even in Legion when we go back to Nordrassil more than once in campaigns.

This tree doesn’t have that lmao.

Edit: Azeroth experienced like the most trauma since it’s elemental turmoil with the Sundering and we only really needed one tree to give out healing energies after that. I guess also Shaladrassil, which somehow isn’t the first world tree but was older than the first because “shiny new zone need be better” or something lmao.


Is this stated anywhere? That it will heal Azeroth and combat the nightmare?

Either way, Amirdrassil is a huge global weak point created for not-so-global needs according to the story from what I can tell. To benefit the kaldorei, so thematically in many ways, it’s a new hyjal well of eternity or Teldrassil that was created to simply benefit themselves out of arrogance. It kind of shows that they never moved past the likes of the highborne, Illidan and Fandral.
But that’s just the in-game/lore justifications, the OOC justification is good as the kaldorei need a win, and giving them something that’s core to their aesthetic and feels powerful, is just a shame that when you scratch the surface it returns to the “bad roots” of history the night elves have.

Ysera says: Yes. I sense this seed is touched by [the Dream](https://wowpedia.fandom.com/wiki/Emerald_Dream) as well as by Ardenweald. A symbol of the crucial balance between life and death.

Whatever that may mean, Amirdrassil will clearly have a part to play in the elements of life and death.

Ah, I see, but yes that is vague, like most other things about the reasoning behind this seed. And it seems it will be used in future cosmic storylines.
Either way, Blizz wanting to use it in future story beats is not a reason for the night elves or for others to be happy about it in the story in the present, considering the track record.

Honestly just strengthens my view of it just being a thing blizz made to give the nelves a win to conclude the horrible teldrassil storyline and put up chess pieces to use for future cosmic stuff, without giving barely any reasoning from a story perspective.


Lorewise no one has objected to the tree. Both factions, for one reason or another, seem to want to defend it. Even ignoring the question of whether such a tree should or should not have been planted in the first place, there is no choice but to protect it or see Azeroth burn.

The Alliance clearly has ever reason in the world to want to defend it considering their relationship to the Alliance. The Horde, at least some of them, clearly want to make up for what happened to Teldrassil.

At best we have meta players being grudgingly annoyed that we have to defend it.

I mean… The Kaldorei did not “make” the tree. That is a pretty silly take. The gods of the setting did, and then gave it to the Kaldorei as a gift/apology. What were they supposed to do with it, chuck it in the garbage?

Because its been four expansions and those farmers in Stormwind are going to want their pumpkin patch back.


teldrassil was originally an attempt to get immortality back

I wish people would just pay a little attention, seriously.

They literally saved Alexstrasza from getting axed by Fyrakk and were firing at him, causing him to fall back. They then helped take down Fyrakk’s forces at the entrance to the raid, including the Prophet of the Flame who transformed himself into a giant raging elemental.

Pretty much, yeah.

Their goddess Elune, and her sister the Winter Queen, made an artifact called the Sisters’ Tear, with the saved souls of Night Elves choosing to take part in it as a big event of renewal, turning it into a seed.

At that point Tyrande would have been basically just saying “Nah, we’re good” to her goddess, her goddess’s sister, and the souls of her fallen people if she didn’t accept the tree.

Seed of renewal, new home, Elune, you get the gist - just mentioned it all in the last point.

The Emerald Dream catching on fire is bad for everyone. Not only are there Horde druids who would be severely negatively impacted by this, but it’s not like the Dream is even a closed circuit - there are entrances to it all over Azeroth, we even see the Nightmare spill out into Val’sharah in Legion.

This would all be bad enough if it only affected Azeroth, but the Dream connects to other worlds as well, such as Draenor. The Dream catching on fire would be bad for literally everyone.


This is your reminder that World Trees are massive vulnerabilities with a terrible track record. Their mere presence is a threat to the planet and we’d be better off replacing them.

Nordrassil was gyrated on by an Eredar Lord who would have done bad things with it, if not for the kamikaze ghost army.

Teldrassil never got the appropriate permits and the zoning was all wrong. Almost did bad things to the world before Malfurion protagonisted it better.

Vordrassil was planted to stop Old God Blood but had to be cut down due to Old God Blood. Good job.

Shaladrassil was planted to ??? and was used by Xavius to do bad things.

Hell, Amirdrassil was still a tree and this random pyromaniac rolled up and tried to use it for bad things.

So just stop.
We don’t need giant trees.
Sure, they help the planet by doing good things, but you can do the same by recycling and replacing fossil fuels.
How much carbon offset could a World Tree provide, anyway?
Do they even photosynthesize or are they too magical for that?