Wait, they just halved aoe cap in Wrath?

  • Area of Effect Damage caps now kick in above 10 targets rather than 20.


I’m actually not 100% sure what this means.

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It means that AOE damage begins to be reduced when there are 10 targets, it was 20.

Yes on the cap and the second paragraph is just saying you can mark yourself as a new player (probably a unique icon on your listing) and also if you’re a hunter and try to put your list as tank the game will say “NO!”.

Does that apply to like Consecration, Starfall, Hurricane, Blizzard, Flamestrike & so on?
Kinda like retail? Damage reduced beyond X targets?

Patch 3.3 will significantly alter the manner in which AoE damage cps are calculated. Instead of having a hard cap on the damage done, the maximum damage will be equal to the damage that would be dealt to 10 mobs hit by the ability. For example, if a spell does 1000 damage per target, it would deal 10000 total damage against 10 targets, and that would the maximum damage it could do against any number of targets (before critical effects are taken into account). Against 20 targets, the spell would do 500 damage per target, while against 40 targets the spell would do 250 damage per target. Against 10 or fewer targets, the spell would continue to do 1000 damage per target. Thus unlike pre-3.3 mechanics, the damage cap now scales with gear, the maximum number of targets that can receive full damage no longer scales inversely with gear, and the damage done once beyond target cap now also scales with gear.


It does not affect aoe dots like consecration and flamestrike ground effect. But it will affect starfall, hurricane, blizzard. seed of corruption, rain of fire, ect.

yes like TBC

It just puts a little murloc tag next to your class, and the way it’s worded it’s not so much a new player flag as an “I’m willing to play with new players” flag(since there’s so many of those in classic…

And they still couldn’t be bothered to put your comments in the list view, something which would have been much more helpful.

But the way I’m reading it, it’ll still allow you to make that selection.

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shamy tank anyone?

What does patch 3.3 have to do with anything? I thought putting in things from later in the expansion was against their design philosophy.

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It’s listed as a “warning”, though. So it’s most likely “your class is not traditionally used for this role, are you sure you want to queue as ___?” Would appease the wannabe shaman tanks. Maybe warlock tanks, too.

mEnD pEt

Full hunter groups with spirit beasts?!

Actually sounds pretty rad. If only getting a spirit beast was somewhat simpler.

They should get rid of all AOE. Mobs should be killed one at a time. The game has to be difficult to be enjoyable. Think of how fights taking longer would build the social aspect of the game!


I believe the cap is 10 currently. On the beta is was incorrectly capping at 20 instead of 10 so they fixed it

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It just says “This role is not recommended for your class”. It’s not a pop up or anything it’s just in the description when you hover over the role.

Its not a big deal, we’re fine.

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