Wait, SoM get to choose any realm?

Even Benediction and Faerlina?

I had to make this character on Sulfuras and chose not to play with my friends on Benediction. I even supported Blizzard in this decision locking the servers…yet SoM players get a pass and can choose that server?





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I don’t even get it anymore.

I think it’s time for me to unsub lol. it just kind of pisses me off a little bit. lol


The queues were mostly tourists. It was a short term problem start to finish… that’s why many veterans didn’t leave their 7 to 8 hr queue realm.

2 weeks later, it’s a 30 min queue at worst.

What’s the point in limiting server transfer now?


uhh because those servers don’t need anymore people.

The other realms could have used some of the population from SoM. It’s dumb.


See this is a lot more of a relevant discussion on it than talking about something that is COMPLETELY unrelated like that other thread was.

Anyway, this will benefit me but I think there should have been some restrictions (like already having a level 70+ on the realm) personally.

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Nice, gonna move all my SoM guys to benediction today. Hot tip OP, thanks!!


Many of them have characters on Faerlina and Benediction anyhow. So they’re going there likely anyway.

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They didnt take away anything from you and this is a benefit for every single player with a SoM character. You might even get more players to group with and buy/sell to if they come to your server.

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I am happy for you, genuinely.
Blizzard just took such a hard stance on locking servers and such…then they allow this? Kind of feels bad.

The majority will go to Grobb, Fearlina, Bene. as would I.

This is just isn’t fair. The servers should be locked. SoM players should be filling up other servers. That’s what the people that got locked out of them had to do.


You’re unsubbing because people get to move their niche characters off som to the same realms people have their mains on? Press X for doubt.

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I play on yojamba which is a small oce server, my main is there and I want to move my som characters there, why does it hurt you if I do this?

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Nah, prob unsubbing because I couldn’t join my friends on a locked server. This SoM move by blizzard makes it feel even worse TBH.

Please don’t act like I am talking about small servers lol. I’ve made that very clear.

It gets worse.
Unless Blizz is on the ball, someone can go make a toon now in SoM and take the free transfer to a locked server.
Now they have a foothold - a character on a locked server - so will they now be allowed to bypass transfer locks too because they have a character already on the locked server?

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I dont see how to xfer right now. did they disable it again?

Hmmm I definitely am not going to try this at all.

I have many SoM friends from Grobbulus who are super excited that they can come home. People who’ve been supporting the classic experiment since 2019 shouldn’t be punished cus a few WOTLK andys are big mad.


Still disabled.

What are WOTLK andys?

Tourists coming for WOTLK alone. They may stay to the end; history shows most Dont.