Wait, SoM get to choose any realm?

And there’s definitely not more people out there that will.
I’m wondering if when they allow the SoM transfers if they aren’t just removing the locks.

The horror. Anyway.

We will see. This could be possible. I’d $ transfer a couple myself just to be with a few RL friends.

Would explain why Aggrend was a bit vague in the post.
Don’t want to start a stampede.

Im so confused, im reading the blue post right now.

From Season of Mastery Realm To Wrath Classic Realm OR to Classic Era Realm Realm Type
Jom Gabbar Eranikus Whitemane PvP
Nightfall Eranikus Whitemane PvP
Mutanus Eranikus Whitemane PvP
Barman Shanker Eranikus Whitemane PvP
Swamp of Sorrows Yojamba Whitemane PvP
Lionheart Remulos Mankrik Normal
Shadowstrike Atiesh Mankrik Normal
Obsidian Edge Atiesh Mankrik Normal

What you mean “they get to pick any server they want” … what?

Edit: Okay i read the Kaivax post… very odd. But i imagine itll be like… nobody coming over from SoM… those servers have been incredibly dead for a very long time.

That post/table you quoted is no longer valid.
Here is the current situation:

And the poster is Aggrend not Kaivax.

Yee i posted an edit :slight_smile:

New character creations need to be locked on SoM immediately or level restrictions need to be put in or this will happen. I didn’t even want to mention it on the forums because it’s the type of thing that will spread like wildfire but yeah… you’re right.

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Why not talk about it?
I don’t believe I’m the first one to figure that out so there’s probably already been attempts to do so. There’s a huge exp buff so putting a level limit might not work to prevent it.

I’m also concerned that bots will attempt this as well.

who cares?

Yeah well both of us thought about this and I’m sure many others did too, it’s just that someone might look and be like “Oh SoM transfers, I don’t care” and ignore the topic but the prospect of getting onto a realm that is locked now is actually pretty big for some people.

You’re probably right about the bots too.

I did think about saying something to Blizzard on their announcement thread but it’s locked and frankly, it feels like none of my feedback has ever been looked at. I only post on these forums to talk to other Classic players.

Anyway with them saying November 1st they could still prevent the problem. New character creations should really be turned off on SoM now because the SoM servers have basically been retired by the player base already, even those who stayed until the Naxx clears.

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Honestly that was my main concern.
If Blizz had managed to cull some of them during this lockout and they couldn’t get back in, this would be a decent opportunity.

That does get me a bit miffed.
Pointing out things that seem to run contrary to what they say they want isn’t just idle chatter. The nonsense treatment of Earthfury being one of those. So with the announcement today it still doesn’t have to be addressed directly since “guis its for erry servers lol”. I’ve said before that I don’t have a character there - so why do I care?

The lack of acknowledgement is troubling and, dare I say, seems symptomatic of deeper problems which could spread further.
But no, I’m just an old man yelling at clouds.


This was sad.


are we able to transfer the characters as of right now?

The update says the week of Nov 1 at the earliest.

This is for SoM characters.
No announcement for anyone else.

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I could care less, anything that makes recruitment easier as the expansion goes on is good for a raiding guild.

Yeah I mean I kind of get your point. I’m running a raiding guild (Nostalgic on Faerlina now) but a loophole is a loophole. There are definitely people on Grobbulus who don’t want people, and especially botters, creating fresh level 1s on SoM servers just so they can transfer over to and then play on Grobbulus (note that this isn’t even directed so much at those who actually played SoM, but instead those only creating toons to transfer).

Either way, what’s going to happen will happen. shrug

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Most people who considered playing on Grobb made characters there months ago, I have level 1-10s on Bene, Grobb so I could have created a DK there if fresh wasnt fun and I did this way before prepatch.

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Well, I have level 1s practically everywhere because of foresight (and I also said that this SoM transfer decision helps me personally) but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t threads here all the time about unlocking servers so people can play on whatever server, because there have been dozens of threads from people asking for just that who clearly do not have those level 1s. What I said was what I’ve seen quite a few frequent posters say about wanting to keep Grobbulus locked.

The real question isn’t asking if Grobbulus should be unlocked though because that really is another topic, the question is if people should be able to use unintended loopholes to bypass restrictions that were set up.

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I don’t know how else to make a formal complaint so I’m making it here. You guys finally opened up transfers for Season of Mastery Characters as weve been waiting so patiently, yet you chose only one server for us, which was Eranikus. All be it, very disapointed there was just this one server, you said in the blue post that the characters would be deleted if they weren’t transferred. So, me and a few guildies transferred our characters here because i just spent an entire year working on them.

AND NOW YOU OPEN UP TRANSFERS TO OTHER SERVERS STARTING NOV 1st!!! WHAT THE HELL!!! THIS is absolutely infuriating and we aren’t being heard in the community AT ALL!

What is wrong with you people? Nobody wanted Eranikus. Now the people that already transfered to get off Jom Gabbar are stranded here on Eranikus?!??! What the F! That is so messed up!!! I Have friends on WHITEMANE WOTLK that I wanted to play with and now i cant, I CANT EVEN BUY A TRANSFER BECAUSE YOU LOCKED THE SERVERS THIS is so dumb!!!

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Eranikus is not a bad server. If you got stuck there then you should try and make the best of it.

Besides, whats the better alternative? Grobbulus? That server has been sus ever since they opened transfers to it in the first place