Vote disc priest tier set season 1 for pvp, thanks

tired of useless set bonuses? tired of playing without 4 piece like S2 and S3? vote S1 save disc priest


RIP rshams getting to use no tier for season 4 LOL


All the pve players want the other 2

well we the pvp community can vote :slight_smile: on their other pool they made PvP was quite high! if all pvpers would vote we might have a chance.

so yeah if u are a PvPer and you are tired of long queues go vote for discs! i am also voting for all good pvp sets for all the other classes/specs

yeah all 5 of us

those are all people that play BGs. they dont care what their tier set is.

Since blizzard ignores the pvp community idc to burn it all down. Just switch your character default on the blizzard forum and vote multiple times per alt you have.

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