Void/Nightborne DH

I wonder if this might be a thing they add next xpac.
Has this been suggested and would you play it?


Explain how and why there would be void or nightborne DH. It has to make sense. No retconning.

Void elves happened way after there was a need for DH.
Nightborne were isolated completely until legion.
DH transformation isn’t something that happens over night, takes years of training and a deep personal desire to disregard the cost and give up everything for the power to fight demons.
I don’t think when the invasion (legion) is actively happening would be a good time to carve out your eyes. And seeing as we stopped the burning legion, I don’t think people would be affected by demons enough to go through such a horrific ritual; to combat an already beaten foe.
That’s how I see it.
Open minded to you changing my mind, but from where I sit it seems like another terrible idea that further erodes established lore. Shoehorning stuff into the game is bad. Retconning is bad. See shadowlands.


Its been years since void and nightborne came out. Thats enough time for the training transformation thingy.


Established lore up to Legion was that only 5 blood elves were trained to become DH’s. It was retconned in Legion to give the Horde playable DH’s. Almost everything in the game is a retcon to accommodate playable stuff.

Illidan was around on Argus, where there were plenty of demons to train new DH recruits. All they have to do is make a starting experience similar to allied race DK’s. Have Illidan on Argus greet new velf and nightborne DH’s before they take a portal to their faction capital. Bring Liam O’brien back to do some voice lines and boom. A retcon but something that could, and should, have happened during Legion honestly. Obviously this won’t happen but it would be nice.

As stated already, I’d sooner have draenei and orc DH’s. The draenei meta forms would be easier to add in since Kil’jaeden and some npc’s/bosses in Antorus already look like havoc draenei DH’s.

Inevitably Sargeras and Illidan will return one day, and that is when they’ll make DH’s playable for more races. I can’t see an expansion being called “The Last Titan” without Sargeras being involved somehow, someway, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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Why would they be training though? Legion defeated, Sargeras on house arrest, Illidan serving as PO, demons no longer limitless. Seems like bad writing if they were to do that, but that’s just my take given the aforementioned facts.

Idk why you think there was 5? Read the book man.

So basically you’re saying insert these elves, that have no reason to be there (because one was isolated and one wasn’t even created yet), into an 8 year old expansion? All because? Just because?

Orcs are too dumb and illidan doesn’t trust the Draenei. Akama’s duplicitous betrayal aside, 2/3 of them are the OG burning legion band wagoners and other third were cowards fleeing them across the stars.

I’m sure they’ll figure out a way to ruin the class eventually. Hopefully it’s at last 3 expansions away.

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In TBC Illidan only trained 5 blood elves to become DHs. 3 of them died, 1 went insane (Leotheras the Blind a boss in Serpent Shrine Cavern) and Varedis Felsoul was successful in becoming a DH but was a killable NPC in the quest “Varedis Must Be Stopped” in TBC. Of course Varedis was brought back and it is how havoc DH’s get their glaives in Legion. At one point, this was established lore and then Blizzard changed it to include playable belf DH’s in Legion.

If you’re referring to the Illidan novel, it is a retcon, as I’ve pointed out. I own it, its my favorite WoW novel.

The game is just a long history of retcons, especially where playable races are concerned. I personally look forward to more DH races so to each their own.

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I don’t recall Illidan training any Void Elves or Nightborne, so no. He undoubtedly trained some elves from Suramar, but they left with him before the barrier was erected, before they were transformed into Nightborne. Read the book “Illidan” and you’ll get the DH origin story.


I wouldn’t play either because a) both Void and Nb are too skinny for my tastes; b) no shadowmeld; and c) Void stance suggests hip problems.

Thats not how blizzard works. Retconning is allowed

Reconning is awful in almost every case and is rejected by the community. It’s allowed, but always should be used with care and when absolutely necessary.
This is not one of those necessary instances

Its what blizzard does. The first major retcon was changing eradar from a demon race from the nether to a race curropted from fel exposure. All to allow draeni to be playable.

Honestly i agree that void elfs and nightbkrne shouldnt get dh for the sole reason that i dont play dhs for elves and more elves for dhs doesnt solve anything.

Give it to orcs, draeni, zandalari (demonics literally trap a demon soul inside them to improve there physical attacks and speed its just the troll version of a dhs so lorewise its fine).

I’m fine with more niche classes, that are in essence similar, but I don’t see what makes it okay to bastardize an existing/established class for the sake of a few people’s “but I wanna”
Toys exist to let you play other races or faction without ruining the game’s lore.

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Those classes would just be the same no? They arent going to make a niche class to fit everythijg itll just say dh just as all paladins have the same abilities even tho some use the sun god anshe, some use the loa, some use naaru, and some just use the light.

The silverhand basterdizing the paladins for new options sucks tho i will agree. I know most kul tirans would want their paladins to be based on rhe ember people and not on the silver hand.

Allowing any race to be any class = throwing story out the window and surrendering to those who just want looks cool who cares. May as well stop having quest text and cinematics. Poop on the story, no one cares anymore.


I feel like we are more likely to get playable orc and draenei (eredar) DHs before any other race. Orcs already drank the blood of mannoroth, so there could be potential to explore those who may have an innate ability to tap into the powers of fel and undergo an adjacent ritual to becoming a DH.

Similarly, we now have defected eredar joining the draenei and by extension the alliance. They undoubtably have a strong connection to fel and demon kind and with their newfound repentance may wish to hunt the very demons they once served.

For those who follow the lore, Fel Orc or Broken would make more sense. Both were at Black Temple when Illidan was training his demon hunters. Canonically, Illidan is the only one who knew how to manage the process of creating demon hunters. By everything we know so far (the novel Illidan, the npc mobs seen training at Black Temple), he only trained elves. But the others at least were in his service.

What the Manari are doing now is irrelevant. Illidan is not here, and there’s nothing to suggest he is training new DHs. It would have to be those he was training back in BC times. Every DH today was transformed by Illidan then.

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It’s definitely been suggested before (by players), and I’d 100% be on board with it. Allows for more DH customization. I’d love to see this, and the ability to customize the Metamorphosis appearance.

I absolutely support customization for Meta. Not so much adding races that don’t make sense lore-wise. Out of curiosity, would you describe yourself as someone who cares more about cool appearances than lore? Like, do you read quests, or just skip to objectives? Maybe ignore world content altogether? NOT JUDGING - there are many ways to enjoy our silly video game. All good. But my hunch is that players wanting new race/class combos that don’t fit existing lore are those who don’t care much about the story anyway, and just want to look cool. I would describe myself as someone who wants both - I want a story to explain what we’re doing, and I want the gameplay to be consistent with the story.