Void elves customization

In a world that focuses on war. Yes.

Except for existing lore. So yes there is rules.

False prophet returns with false lore. Change your name more appropriate please.

For males it is only 2, short hair with void effects, and bald heads. Try again.

Not nessecarily, I stated it should be a core race (not a ar) so they would have to create a brand new model/skeleton from scratch to avoid copy pasting BE again. I feel this reason could have benefited NB as well.

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I’m going to level a Void Elf of every class available just to spite this thread and I’m going to dress them up in Sunwell Plateau transmogs and Alliance colors

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Honestly I’m a pro Helver and would love more hair colors for the Void Elves. But, and this is important, every single one needs to end in void tendrils. These are Void Elves after all and should reflect that to some degree. Blood elves are on the Horde (no matter how much even to this day I disagree with that decision) and we as players need to respect Blizzard’s desire to be different than other fantasy tropes. And even in giving Void Elves those additional hair styles and colors, there should only be a few since Void Elves really need more “voidy” options over pretty elf options. Both should be added, although I’d lean toward more “voidy” options over High Elf options, though there can certainly be a few. Also, Blood Elves should be given much more to show they are different from the Void Elves, tattoos, scars, etc (although Void Elves can have the same tattoos but they’d only be void colored). Just my thoughts, and both sides should seek to compromise and let each player find enjoyment with the race they chose to play instead of tearing each other apart verbally on the forums lol.


No thanks, because what I posted was complete fact.

Carry on with your day.


I can respect this post, at least your trying to keep the void flavor in VE.

Man, are you just here to troll?

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I haven’t seen you even once stat fact. Not even once. You need help with that ego.


Just as much as you are. Actually… I think your trolling 100% where I am at 0%


This was your response to an entire argument in support of the existence of hair dye, and I’m the troll?

You know what, I’m done here. Enjoy this bottomless pit of a discussion.


So… what you’re saying is give dark iron dwarf females more hair colours and more faces and more skin tones? I agree :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I mean, you tried giving me a “smart” question, I only answered in kind.

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good one!

/10 char.


I’d always advocate for more DI options, both male and female!


I mean you can’t really dismiss the visual distinction argument and then call others trolls based on your own inability to disagree while still validating others arguments.

This person did that and I can respect that.


HM and regular tauren need more options too. LF draenei, the long tails promised to draenei too.

I would also like a chiropractor to fix my back too please, these things are heavy.

Vulpera need some more options too.

And remake Nightborne too.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg.


Yep pretty much lol

Theres so much potential for a lot of the allied races, its really too bad

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Sure we can!
The argument is null and void given that visual distinction already doesn’t exist.
Place a Void Elf and a Blood Elf right next to one another, then ensure they’re both using the same transmog and skin tone. Next, make them wear a helmet.

It’ll be impossible to tell which is which if you have names disabled.

There are already helpful tools in place to ensure there is no confusion even with no helmets and using the same hair styles and colors.

Depending on which faction you’re on, one of the players will have an orange name above their head. If you hover over their mode or unit frame, the tooltip will tell you which race they are (an possibly faction although that might be a Pandaren only tooltip). Their unit frame will also be a different color.
All of those things can be noticed from a large distance away as well.
There’s also the Void Elf racial Entropic Embrace, which would easily help you distinguish one from the other while they’re in combat.

So yes, you can dismiss the visual distinction argument. That doesn’t mean it’ll stop the disagreeing though.

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Really though, those poor pandas really need some love. I’d slate them right after the Nightborne for some love. Not a ton as many races need some love, but a bit would be nice. Also panda druids if it’s not too much to ask lol.


The whole point is that it does not need to be made even worse just because you personally don’t have a problem with it.


There are already tools to help RP a HE and 90% of the appearance, and Blizzard themselves don’t dismiss the visual distinction because only one side has the full generic fantasy Elf visual theme and that’s the side that has always had it for playable Blood Elves in game right now :hugs: