Void elves customization

Is single handedly going to ensure no other race will get any decent level of customization again. Void elf players are the living embodiment of giving people an inch and them trying to take a mile. Nothing short of switching blood elves to alliance will make these people happy and blizzard trying to cater to a ravenous screeching mob who hasn’t gotten over it since they launched in BC is going to just make them throw thier hands up and stop listening to customization community as a whole.


Now this person knows how to play the game! Good call, I support it.


I’ve supported HE fans just out of feeling bad for them in the past and really regret doing so, because it’s very apparent they gloss over what’s been done for them at the expense of visual distinction for Blood Elves and have a “what have you done for us today?” type attitude.


Whoa whoa whoa…don’t lump the Void Elf players in with the Helfers…most of us just want neat Void based character customizations…


There is a plethora of good void ideas that always get drowned out by Helfers with “we support Void stuff too after we get the rest of the HE visuals” they really push aside BE fans and VE fans when moving forward both races should get distinct options that fall on their main themes.

And for Void Elves you are right that should be Void options!


So did I until I had people jumping on me left and right and saying how awful I was for thinking Nightborne should get the same customization treatment from Night Elves as Void Elves already have from Blood Elves.

Oh and people jumping on me left and right because I didn’t agree with every little thing they say or think.

Actually I could go on and on but you get the idea. Lol.


I remember that you were very neutral on things for a long while!

I can see how the OP sees everything though and sees how it relates to customizations as whole though.


Idk man, sounds like you’re the ravenous, screeching one here over players asking for more customisation options.

Sure, Void Elves have it better than the rest of the Allied Races in terms of customisation, most especially Nightborne. That does not take away Void Elf players’ right to ask that their customisation also be brought up to the modern standard.


The separation between Nightborne and Night Elves is SIGNIFICANTLY larger than that of the Void Elves and Blood Elves. Like, literally 10000 years’ difference. Nightborne deserve a complete, from the ground up revamp, but it makes sense that they’re less likely to give Nightborne options from Night Elves because they’ve had 10000 years secluded off in one city to have a complete change in physiology, just like the change from Night Elf to High Elf. Void Elves literally broke off from the Blood Elves a year ago and not all of them have undergone complete Void infusion.


They could literally remove it and copy/paste, it’s not hard or they could have done it from the get go and if not do that, they could invest the same amount of time in giving Nightborne customizations they have Void Elves.


VE customization also came at the expense of BE visual distinction to please the HE community, more Void options don’t have to be more visual distinction breaking options they can lean in on the Void.


Turns out that Thalassians fit way, way better aesthetically on the Alliance than they do the Horde.



If that were true the generic Elf theme wouldn’t be solidly Horde.


No it absolutely did not. Blood elves got a WIDE range of options that make them immediately distinct from Void Elves: ear size, earrings, a wider range of eye colours, hairstyles and colours. Literally the ONLY thing that Void Elves got was skin and eye colours because, shocker, not everyone wants to be purple 100% of the time when they have Entropic Embrace for that fantasy. EE is way more distinct when you have a normal-looking elf shifting into it.


Says the guy playing the side with the Kmart elves.


RP tools don’t entitle you to breaking the last of the visual distinction which is natural hair options or you wouldn’t be asking for those options because you yourself acknowledge without them you don’t have the full visual theme.


Nah it just means that the generic Elfs are in a place that look weird.

I could put orange slices into a lasagna if I wanted but they still wouldn’t go well together and if I ate it I’d probably go “blech” and wish I was eating either a lasagna or a fruit platter.


Don’t twist my words. I did not say that. I said that they got a wider range of styles which gives them a very specific Sin’dorei theme, ON TOP of ear size and jewelry. Giving Void Elves 3 or 4 basic hair styles and blonde and red colour options would not infringe on that.


Jewelry isn’t a theme in the face of you effectively having two races in one via RP tools.