Void Elf Racial Active Ability - redo for War Within

Creating visibility to see if this is something that can get worked on going into War Within. Void Elves are insanely cool, and love the aesthetics/themes behind them.

That being said, their active ability is functionally useless in high pace PvE content (M+, raid, etc).

It would be cool to see recommendations here if anyone enjoys this race as much as I do. For me, I think giving them a mini disperse DR would be thematic and immensely helpful. Here’s a proof of concept:

Call of the Void
Instant - 2 min cooldown
You surrender yourself to the void, partially nullifying incoming damage by 20% for 10 seconds.


Well since I don’t use mana I’m safe. I can use it for free!
Also, I don’t think any racials use resources.

Agreed! Edited to fix

The teleport?

Simple, make it work like the shadowlands Venthyr teleport. Problem fixed.


Look I agree on our active racial basically being useless.

But they’d have to give other races a much bigger bonus if they wanted to turn ours in a damage reduction CD. I’d love it as a tank.

But then I look at Lightforged and I feel just fine. They;

  • AoE damage on a 3 min CD that does less than an average DPS ability and takes a GCD.
  • Deal damage when they die……
  • Get 20% extra experience from demons like bro…

I’m down for them fixing ours but I’d say we’d be lower on the totem pole for getting racials love. :rofl:


PvPers love spacial rift, what are y’all talking about.

It’s so subtle nobody sees it creeping across the ground and it can be used to create distance and juke.


That’s absurdly OP lol a 20% wall for 10 seconds as a racial?


Man, I loved that teleport racial in Uldir on Ghuun. I could solo the left orb as a void elf WW monk. It was great fun!


The teleport from void elves was used for many boss fights. Sure it’s not always useful but it’s still a better option than tons of other racials. Probably one that is not even close to be on the list for rework.


It’s a negotiation strategy they’re starting super high so even if they make it 10% we could still probably macro that into another defensive and get a W.

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I love the VE racial in PvP on my DK. Helps me win the pillar game, and you can also use it to jump off the bridge and get back up on top in blade’s edge. It’s great.


I’ve had more use from the VE racial than the Nightborne one, at least the VE racial you can use it to teleport through certain boss mechanics


I’ve found very specific uses for it in raid, and I use it often in PvP. I really would like it to not be changed.


Activate it then cast another spell while it’s traveling. Sure it has a niche use, but so do many other racials.


Spacial rift is totally cool. Plus you get shadow damage reduced by 1%, Every ability has a 33% chance to proc Entropic Embrace , which increases your damage and healing done by 5% for 12 seconds with 60 sec CD, boring but great, and to top that all off, 50% off transmog costs and void storage.

I’m just thinking about how cool 50% off Void Storage would be.

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That’s what I’ve used it for on my Warlock before. Wait. My other warlock. Was stuck between Volcoross tail and the still expanding burning floor. Let the spatial rift float out while I casted standing in the pain zone. Unfortunately as I went to activate the ability again, I also got that AoE DOT and appeared in the middle of everybody. :sweat_smile:

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cheap transmogs man. The best Elf.


I don’t disagree with that, VE’s just feels like one of the worst ones. The spell itself is simply too janky

Velf racials are already on the stronger end

Lets not make alliance even more OP

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So are other racials. What’s it matter? Zandalari racial means nothing in most cases unless on a paladin specifically. Nightborne racial is absolutely useless. Vulpera racial is a loss of dps to push vs. an actual damaging skill (as far as I’m aware).

Void elf racial is fantastic in PvP and great fun to use. Leave it alone.

Giving them an additional wall would be busted. Unnecessary. The racial is fine as is.