Void Elf Paladins!

You had one job Ion! :angry:


He has several. Unfortunately he can only design raids well.


If his job was to keep that abomination from coming about, he succeeded


Void + holy = catastrophe, I thought this was well known.


Hold my void elf holy priest and my undead holy priest and my lightforged death knight.


Good job, Ion!

Huge respect for him not caving!


I thought for sure there would be some new race/class combos for sure, was a little surprised there wasn’t.

You mean Twilight? something that has been well established in game for over a decade? lol sit down.


It’s early yet. Also they don’t have to make them part of the expansion. They could do it now.

But I was surprised there was no talk about more character customization.

So we’ll see. The whole, “You had one job Ion” was a joke. But if they want feedback about the expansion then I’ve got some for them.


Was going to say this. They’re doing us a favor.

Don’t worry, they swear up and down that those two can mix when the writers say they can, or that Blizzard will reskin the entirety of the paladin class just for void elves.


Ugh, only if I could post images so I can post that thread mute gif…

I’m out of this thread. Bai!

well at least they got one thing right.


If that was it, he did well then :grin:

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Eh. Its early yet for people to be trying to take a victory lap.

Especially if the community has anything to say about it.

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aww. i wanted pink consecration and sparkly pink flash of light. ah well


I mean, its time for feedback. They want feedback on their expansion.

They didn’t announce any new customizations either.

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Eh, the 1000 year war audio says different. It implies only combining the void and light would lead someone to the “truth”.

the void and light first coming into contact was warcrafts ‘big bang’

anyway have fun pushing this for another 2 years for something you could have played since 2007


(not championing Void Elf Paladins with this statement, but…) The Netherlight Crucible in Legion combined the two to help us take down the Burning Legion.

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Good old forum argument about Void Elf Paladins.

  1. They gave us High Elf customizations so you can play High Elves. In game. High Elves can be Paladins.

  2. If you want to make the argument that you can’t play a High Elf in game because in game you can’t change your race title to High Elf then you’re arguing that what you see in the game is true… and so there are Void Elf Holy Priests.

So argument over. Also. 3. Ion said he is open to it. So. Argument over.

The purpose of this thread is to provide feedback to Blizzard on what we want to see.

Paladins are the best tanks and healers in mythic + right now. So Blizzard let us play them on a race we like.