Void Elf Paladins & Night Elf Shamans, Yay or Nay?

All I want to do is play a night elf shaman or a void elf paladin, would it be possible to make this a possibility please and thank you. :slight_smile:


yay all the way


yea as part of everyone getting those classes, nay if they (or any other race) gets chosen while others get left out


They can stand in line behind gnome druids and wait their turn.


Nay to the Void Elf Paladin, but I think there’s a strong chance for Night Elf Shaman.


void elf paladins should probably be the last thing to be added, I say nay to them put them at the very back.


Void Elves would be burning alive from constant Light exposure unleashing a constant explosion of Light and Shadow at all times.

Lightforged Draenei Death Knights at the least only have to worry about the Light burning away the Venthyr Death Magic while leaving the Maldraxxi and Mawsworn Death Magics untouched.

Aesthetic means nothing since Restoration and Guardian Druids now have Maldraxxi Death Magic full time along with the expected Ardenweald Death Magic.

All Priest Specs can use the Venthyr’s Mindgames Spell.

Rogues get Bastion and Ardenweald Death Magic Abilities despite their dark aesthetic lending more to Venthyr and Maldraxxi Death Magic which they can only access in the Shadowlands.


There are so many night elf primalists that I’m positive that nelfs are getting shaman in the near future. As for velf paladins, there’s nothing in this game that I want more but who knows when or how it’ll happen :sob:


Nature is both Life and Death. Growth and Decay. It actually makes sense for them to have it.

Void Elves are about the only race/class combo that doesn’t make sense like LF Draenei DKs, but those happened. Anything else can be explained through story. Only way VE paladins happens is if Blizz says they paladins are actually High Elves but have VE racials for game mechanics.


The difference is that Turalyon reacted explosively to Alleria’s Void portal while Death Knights only react with Pain to Light healing.

Furthermore Maldraxxi are unaffected by Light unlike Venthyr so Lightforged Draenei Death Knights aren’t an impossibility despite the aesthetics.

Venthyr Death Magic being used by Holy Priests is just as against the aesthetics as Lightforged Draenei Death Knights to say the least. Venthyr Shadow Death Magic is not the Void but it’s still an enemy of the Light so Holy Priests using it goes against the aesthetics of the Spec.


Yes to Night elf shaman(and paladins too). There’s nothing lorewise really getting in the way of those combos and paladins were already established in Legion.

Nay to Void elf paladins unless it comes with a complete void-themed reskin to their spell kit. It would likely destroy them the same way it would an undead.


Mind control and manipulation is still a staple of the priest class and has been for a long time. In fact Anduin used mind control in an ingame cut scene.

It might be the closest we get to Blackguards outside the DK class. Instead of Light they use Void lorewise. Would be cool if you coulld unlock a void color pallete for paladin. Like the Warlock green fire quest would also allow for Forsaken paladins as well.


Gnome Paladins - the only alternative to human.


Every race should have access to every single class, it’s honestly ridiculous at this point that there are even still limitations. And before people want to complain about lore, it’s been long since dead for many many years now, so who cares, and even if you did still care, there are plenty of ways around with with actual writing, as if it mattered.

For a game about making your character the way you want it to be made (which is part of the whole reason for talents, which is undermined entirely by min-maxing and always will be), it’s very limited in the characters/races you can actually create in some cases.


Maybe I’m wrong but I feel like this might warrant a new class in the future. Void consumes it’s very different to paladin which “protects”. We’ll see what happens but I wouldn’t say I’d be surprised if we eventually got a void themed class. The void currently has the least representation as a whole when we look at classes. It’s basically one spec.


Yes please.

I don’t care if they need to be void knights, or a sect of High Elves that joined the Void Elves. Just make it happen.


Nay. If I had control void elves wouldn’t get anything…except more tentacles, and voidy purple everything!


With the way Blizzard seems to be going with the cosmology stuff, any of the forces can be used to do pretty much anything. Like that “necromancy is necromancy” nonsense at the end of SL.

I’d love to see a fully void-focused class and I’d rather they just move away from the idea of opening up every class to every race and let some things stay unique. But it’s what they’re pushing for and if they’re going to do it by trampling any lore in the way(they already have in a few cases), the least they could do is give us “class skins” so things don’t look as absurd visually speaking.


I still hope some day worgen can be paladin (even in Hearthstone are worgen paladins)…
But it’s more probably Shaman Nelf than a Velf paladin right now for lore thing.


yay 2 all of it