Void Elf Paladins & Night Elf Shamans, Yay or Nay?

The Alliance has as a subrace the High Elves for the Void Elves, so it’s a legit request. And before you ask: Several races have subraces on both sides.


Nay. I’m sick of this abomination having been pushed for years. I’m sick of people refusing to accept that its components are entirely anathema to each other, their insistence that it makes perfect sense when it makes no sense whatsoever, the false equivalences to existing combos like tauren rogues and Lightforged DKs whenever someone argues against it…

If I sound overly passionate about my utter contempt for the mere idea of void elf paladins, it’s mainly because it’s shilled so aggressively in the face of Blizzard going out of their way to avoid making it a real thing and there’s no possible way for it to be added without betraying the core concepts of both a Light-infused class and a Void-infused race. The requests to force void elves to adopt paladin culture are also usually either thinly-veiled or completely transparent attempts to have high elves overtake the race, or rather the lionized fanon version of high elves, as paladins are not a major part of their culture the way they are for humans and blood elves and I will keep pointing this out.

Another thing that the topic attracts is the oft-repeated suggestion of “just reskin the entire class to have purple spells.” No, that’s not how it works. When you play as a paladin, you’re playing as a devout follower of the Light, and everything reflects that: your spells, your armor, your class-specific mounts, your class hall, etc. The paladin class fantasy is entirely Light-focused with no place for a Light/Void dichotomy; If you want that, go play a priest. Just try to explain to me how a Void version of Holy paladin would work when the Void is parasitic in nature and Shadowform, Shadow Mend, and Shadow Covenant all either negate the use of Holy spells or give you a DoT.

This is probably an inevitability and could happen in this very expansion due to its huge focus on the elements and the fact that new shaman races only need one new totem model each. If they can throw something together to explain how orcs can channel the Light, I think they can do the same for all or most races discovering how to commune with the elements.


I kind of want VOID ELF shamans just to distinguish them from blood elves. Nightborne should get warlocks, too.

But I have to say I don’t really have a heavy investment.

What I REALLY want is mechagnome druids. Purely for the forms.

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This is an example of being given an inch and taking a mile.

Yes, visually, a Void Elf player has the agency to make a character that retains the typical appearance of a High Elf while still being a Void Elf - that doesn’t negate their being infused with the void, which is central to the Void Elf identity and the vehicle by which your character exists on the Alliance.

That would be odd considering there isn’t even a single Void Elf primalist, but there are Blood Elf, Nightborne, and Night Elf ones. Also, Nightborne launched with the Warlock class available. :dracthyr_tea:


I want void elf or night elf shamans and night elf paladins. My pally’s been waiting for a race change to night elf since Legion. I would love to ride around on a nightsaber class mount on a night elf paladin.


WoW has a long history of races within races, which do not reflect the racials. Most prominent in the Mag’har Orcs, which need at least three different racials (with one based on the Dark Iron Dwarves), the Sand Trolls for the Darkspear Trolls and of course, a few races within the Alliance (Bronzebeard Dwarves, Void Elves, Kul Tiran). If you want to squint the eyes a little bit, then it also affects the Shu’halo but this is somewhat addressed in both Cataclysm and even in Dragonflight, where you are NOT a Paladin when you write into the guestbook in the introduction questline.

Your point you make is very basic and non-conforming to the actual facts and how Blizzard represents subraces. Your only concern is ELF ELF ELF but you don’t see the bigger picture at all here. We will see possible changes for this in the future, perhaps with improved customization options which will pick the racials based on the subrace we choose.



Though I’d love a bunch of lore & a cool story or questline to go with how their people came about to being introduced to the class on an increasing scale. :heart:



Blizzard put a racial aesthetic update into the game.

So lightforged Draenie shadowpriest have a light-themed flame spell asthetics with the spells, void elves in holy spells have shadow visuals (Same with Mag’har priests) – Void Elf Paladins get the same ordeal with shadowy visuals and so forth.


…wait really?


I guess I somehow conflated Zandalari and Nightborne on the lock front. I went with mage and monk. Anyway, I think it’d be interesting to have a unshared class… and I already have more than enough paladins, so MY personal interests don’t trend that way.

My locks are void elf, regular troll, and then an undead.

Edit: …Shoot, I totally knew that Nightborne had locks. One of my server’s nicest people is a Nightborne lock. Typing before I think, I guess. Anyway, the point is that there should be a class to distinguish allied races and parent races in a perfect world.

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Just call a void elf paladin something else as a reskin. Reskinning classes for certain races would be much more interesting than simply giving all races all classes.


Which is as superficial tools, visual aids for the purpose of roleplaying. I couldn’t care less how you personally roleplay your Void Elf character until that starts being used as a rationale to legitimize all sorts of requests that are anathema to the actual race you’re playing as.

Why do Void Elves deserve to have a class tailored around their identity? Make no mistake, if there was someone campaigning for something equally as ridiculous such as Undead Druids, I’d be just as against it.


These subraces are rolled into other races due time constrains and you have to accept this fact. This was acknowledged by Danuser on twitter when being asked about the missing Allied Race for the Three Hammers.


void elf paladin is like… asking a fire elemental to be a water based mage, its kinda stupid.
night elf shaman is fine i guess, is simply not a thing they have on their culture but that could change.


No, I don’t have to accept anything you assert as fact without proof, and to correct you, the acknowledgment you cite was not provided on Twitter, nor was it expressed in the way that you claim.

Link: Shadowlands Lore Interview With Steve Danuser (Lead Narrative Designer on Waorld of Warcraft)

His answer is quite explicitly referring to roleplayers and how these individual players are able to express their characters visually.


You will and have to. Especially when even the character hover text acknowledges this in the character creation for the Mag’har Orcs.

This is true - but it doesn’t change the fact that he also made a twitter post about the development limitations and when it comes to player races.


Why is “deserve” important? I just made a comment that skirts around the idea of simply giving all races all classes.

I will say that Void elves identity is void, all aspects should actually revolve around that point. All classes really should have more void into it.


im so bookmarking ur post for wen void elf paladinos are a thing


And yet you do not seem to care about Blood/Void/Night Elves having access to Darkfallen customizations? The latter one especially completely clashes with Night Elf culture. And yet we can now play as a Darkfallen Druid.


It no longer matters. Void Elf paladins, as well as the rest of the classes, will be a thing in a future. Might as well start coming to terms with it.


I’ll enjoy you and the other void elf paladin supporters’ collective meltdown when it ends up being on the list of race/class combos that Blizzard never intends to add, because you’re the most insufferable of them all.

Because those are barber options that, in-universe, aren’t actually used by the main bodies of those races, as opposed to an utterly contradictory race/class combo that would exist in-universe because the writers want to establish new combos as real things in the setting and not just something the player has access to. And at least Darkfallen and Dark Rangers already existed in large numbers. Yet again, y’all are quick to resort to false equivalence.


night elf paladins too


That’s literally just a blood elf paladin but for Alliance.