Void Elf or High Elf alliance paladins?

And yet it happened in 9.1.5 as a subrace.

A customization which does not indicate at all that you’re high elf.
You’re tentacle puppet, void puppet.

Blood elves are the real deal.


It does if you paid attention to the Void Elf starter zone.

And yet they cannot be Silver Covenant High Elves and use their mounts and tabard.



Whatever you tell yourself so you can keep living on.
Sin’dorei are the evolution of High Elves.

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Vulpera Paladins, they can already be priests. Then Orc paladins.

Your one-word has no association with what you can see in the starter zone.

It’s an actual fact. These cosmetics are Alliance-only.

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Still does not change the fact that you have nothing valuable to offer in the discussion and are still wrong.


Still does not change the fact that you have nothing valuable to offer in the discussion and are still wrong


Void elves have spoken about how theyre gaining new members. You can even see non void elves studying the void at the void elf zone
So its not that hard to believe that there are elves that became void elves after the recruitment questline.

Outside of that, its completely possible that these customisation options are inclusive of those elves from that scenario. Just like we dont assume a new race of elves popped up when they could use darker skin tones.

Also, as pointed out higher up in this thread, dragonflight has introduced NPCs that use the new options as void elves and not high elves


After Tauren rogues every class should be unlocked to all racea

It was the Horde that helped the blood elves during TBC, then during cata it was a mix of Darkspear, Blood Elves, and Alliance High Elves.

The retaking of the Sunwell was done by the Shattered Sun Offensive, a group made out of the Scryers and Aldor factions of shattrath that falls neither under each, however Velen did reignite the sunwell so that point goes to the Alliance.

What do you base this on? Sure they might feel the odd one out since they’re not a tribal society, but they’ve come really far and made themself at home inside the faction by working together for years and making friends.

It was not about the relationship being one sided, it was about Garrosh being an insane warchief not afraid to put anyone that disagreed with him in a meatgrinder.
The Horde helped the Blood elves plenty with their journey into Outland to reconnect with (and then kill) their lost prince, to fight back against the undead in the ghostlands and the Amani trolls (against the trolls twice I might add, once in tbc and then again in cata).

Let’s not forget that it’s stated the reason for the rift between Quel’thalas is that the Alliance shunned the blood elves for starting to use fel magic, which they only used to prevent their city to fall into ruins since it needed some source of magic to keep going.
And then the night elves sent literal incursions into Quel’thalas and had a dwarf diplomat spy on them.
This clearly spent a great deal of the goodwill from the blood elves side. So I think it makes perfect sense that they allied themselves with the Horde at that time, with the story we got.

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Don’t worry, we’ll probs get another one of these threads next week
since people don’t wanna admit we already have high elves paladins, but they’re horde only. :dracthyr_hehe_animated:

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Forsake classes, embrace customizations.

Kind of want to comment but really I’d have nothing nice to say. Fair skinned natural hair colored Void elves are as good as it’s going to get. Honestly Void elves should have been Horde and Nightborne alliance. But that’s my take on the subject.

At least until the Paladin class gets proliferated to the races that currently don’t have access yet. :slight_smile:

(I’m just poking fun really, not trying to start a fight)

Of course… that assumes Blizzard actually follows through with their stated desire for race to no longer be a limiter to class. But who can say if they really will. For all we know it could go the way of the dance studio.

In truth, I expect the next class to be proliferated will be Monk, and then perhaps Shaman. Monk, because there’s only three races that don’t have it, and all three already have all the monk specific animations. And Shaman, because of the heavy elemental/Shaman themes we see in Dragonflight, with races that currently can’t be Player Shamans such as Night Elves taking a fair bit of the spotlight as enemy Primalists. I can see Shamanism spreading to the races that players don’t currently have access at the end of Dragonflight.

After that? It’s hard to say. The remaining classes all have either lore issues, asset issues, or both to contend with if Blizzard wants them to make even the slightest of sense. And Blizzard could just abandon proliferation by then.


I think the biggest thing keeping Void elves from having Paladins is the whole “infused by Light” Basically all Paladins are Lightforged, at least that’s what people say. Personally I remember a small exempt from a story a long while back about how a Undead Priest explains how he was able to use the Light despite his condition saying he uses “spears of light like how Uther’s Paladins did”

Actually Chronicles points out the Alliance was the one who did the Sunwell raid while the Horde have the canonical kill on Kael.

It specifically mentions “members of the Alliance and Horde”(ie us players). So while they were helping SSO, they were still members of their respective factions.


Honestly, I’m pretty happy with things as they are.

I’d love to see more unique customizations for void elves – hopefully for the void aspect or at the very least, voidy enough to work for both.

None of the elves are in as dire straights on classes as, say, Lightforged draenei, so I’m not too fussed about classes on 'em, though I never mind more options. (Except the pointless short tail on male draenei or that balding blowout style on male orcs but AT LEAST THE LATTER MAKES A FEW PEOPLE HAPPY.)

I have vague resentment of night elf paladins from how goofy the lore on that was, and I’m full of night elves anyway… But I wouldn’t say no to an orc paladin, for selfish reasons entirely related to wanting to play one of my RP characters on both sides.