Void Elf-High Elf Customization Thread

Uh… no they don’t?

Neither male nor female void elves have a black hair option at this time. At least not the players. There are some Void Elf NPC’s with black hair but players do not have that option.

For reference:

There’s two shades of blueish grey, two shades of blue/green, a shade of blue, a shade of indigo, a shade of purple, and a shade of burgundy. There is no black however, except for some NPC’s. Player Void Elf Males and Females have the exact same hair color options.


You’re right.

Let’s take away all the same color fur options for Pandaren. Only Horde can be Red and only Alliance can be Black.

While we’re at it, split the hairstyles between factions so they don’t overlap.

Oh, and the hair colorations? Gotta split those too.


Give void elves black hair, they are emo elves without black hair. That’s so stupid.


Youre wearing it. Fem velves get nothing but purple and blues.

That’s not black… it’s grey… what you’re seeing as black is a shadow from the angle the forum portrait shows the character. I showed you a picture of all Void Elf male hair colors. None of them are black. My hair color is available to Void Elf females. Example:

This is my hair color. As you can see, Females have the same color. It is not black.


Couldn’t agree more :hugs:

Whether the colors are pulled from Blood Elves or humans etc etc the end result is the same, they have the model, and the skin tones of course natural hair makes them look almost identical to Blood Elves.

The distinction is thankfully important to Blizzard and still in place. I also like how you have more likes than the OP :hugs:


Belves are distinct. They have orange lettering above their heads marking them as hordies. It not our fault that blizz decided you could have non green eyes. That shouldnt limit US.


Hm your right, It looks far different when i see it ingame. Looks a lot better on you!

Source or it didn’t happen!

But Alleria!


I mean at the very least the option to not have the widows peak for males would be great and at least one normal hair colour- even if it is a distinct one from BEs!


Well thank you kindly. It’s the closest to white that Void Elves have (and that fact that you see it as black shows how not close to white it actually is). Personally I feel that, at the very least, Void Elves should have actual stark white, and the npc black hair color options as well. They are fitting for the void theme. Beyond that, I’d like a few options in the human range as well, but that seems to be a larger point of contention than black and white are.


Absolutely. I dont demand blondes. Just a few more color options and ear lengths.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: how you telling the two apart with full armor then??? P sure it’s not their character but their orangey name/nameplate :rofl::rofl:


yes, yes and more yes.

its a game.


Can you tell me which one is which?


Do you realize you’re defeating your own argument right?


Im not in any way. The 2 races are identical. There is no “visually distinct” to worry about. Void elves simply were cheated out of the SAME visuals that belves already have.


Let’s make something clear here.

You’re the equivalent of a cheap knockoff of a famous line of toys.

You were not cheated out of anything. The original, the Blood elves, were the ones that were cheated out of their uniqueness to begin with.

And just because there has been some damage, it doesn’t mean it has to be made even worse just because you want it to.


Lol wow. I didnt realize it was possible for a person to be so wrong in so little space.

Belves are the knock off high elves. High elves are alliance. Go play with the fel.
I was cheated out of the same ability to change my ear shape and hair styles as the belves got. Void elves were blood elves, like, YESTERDAY. Our hair styles dont change due to changing locations.

You cant tell the difference under the armor. So why am i left out of the choices? Oh, right because hordies cant ever let the alliance have anything without complaining.


Except we’ve got a knockoff of almost every “unique” race. :kissing_heart:

I vote they turn blueberry purple not for their racial, but when they enter combat! Then make it fade when they exit! That’ll be distinct!

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