Void Elf-High Elf Customization Thread

Jimmy Fallon is really a mood always

Curious, now that high elves exist on alliance why can’t they be paladins? Doesn’t it make sense lore wise to do so? If it does, I think opening up paladin as an option if you select any high elf skin seems like a good idea?


My understanding is that Void Elves can’t be paladins because they will explode. Like a shaken soda.


I guess that’s a strong argument for… well, arguing.

I’ll wait to renew my sub all the same (especially to find out what’s going on with LFD and nightborn). But it’s nice that they’re listening.

And please, please PLEASE don’t let it be random colors copy pasted directly from blood elves or I’m going to be miffed


Lore is more fluid then most people care to admit. Again, there is nothing in lore specifically about say a new class rising up made up of a certain race. Similarly, new lore can always be added explaining why once race specific classes become more diverse.


Lets go!

Of the top of my head, the colors are most likely to be Black/White/Brown. The last two would likely be Blond and/or Red.

We could get some rarer colors like strawberry blond or the like but who knows.


Yes to all of them especially Blonde! We’ve COME LONG way DREDE!! D: <3


What’s it been? Like 3 years of arguing?


Yeah but we’re not talking about void elves, we’re talking about high elves right? These customization options turn you into a high elf, therefore if you select that customization option then it should open up the paladin class as an option. I don’t think it should be available for void elves, only if you select high elf customization.

I don’t really think they make you a high elf. My understanding is it fits the aesthetic but they are still technically void elves.


Yess!! I remember coming in all innocent and just loving and supporting the HE options and just being SLAMMED with insults and negativity. We did it thooo!! <3


Are you sure? How does that even really work exactly? Void elves have a very specific void tint, do they somehow cleanse that completely and have their eyes revert to high elf color? You could definitely be right I just don’t see how that makes sense honestly

Why expect any logic and consistency from this? They’ve caved to wishes for reasons, but they still haven’t changed the name of the race or anything.

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I don’t disagree with you but… Blizzard kinda threw sense out the window when they created Void Elves, and then gave Void Elves natural skin, and then have Void Elves natural hair 🥸

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Yeah I’m just throwing it out there. I’m not saying any of it has to make sense but I think it’s pretty clear we have high elves and void elves as an option now. It’s just two races mixed into one because they didn’t want to add another. Just throwing out the potential idea of having paladin be a possible class if you select high elf customization.

I think High Elves can be paladins, but my understanding is Void Elves physically cannot be. I doubt Blizzard will ever give Alliance full high elves, even if they are giving some of the aesthetics. They are walking a fine line of trying to appease two different crowds, and while I disagree with this decision of natural hair colors, and I can accept people will be happy about this…

I can’t help but wonder if this is some desperate attempt to please leaving players in the heat of current events.


I’m not sure about the second part, and I definitely agree they’re walking a pretty fine line here.

They don’t want to add high elves because they’d be too similar to blood elves, however with all of these high elf customizations they’re already as similar as you can get to be honest. Void elves use the same model/skeleton already anyway, so now that high elf customization has been added I just can’t see a reason for that to not unlock the paladin class for this race. Even if you lock it behind high elf customization so actual void elves still can’t be paladins that would be fine.

Honestly though I have no idea what the intentions are here, if the intention is to pretend the high elves are still void elves then I think that’s a weird line we’re already walking. They look nothing alike. Either way that’s what I’d like to see

They’re still void elves… doubt they’ll give them Paladin.

We can rp high elves but they’re not going to add classes for RP. (At least they haven’t yet outside the race itself.)

canonically still a void elf either way.

I want some void druids! Or shamanss!


How are they still void elves though? That’s what I’m not getting I guess. They don’t even look remotely similar, one side looks like void elves and the other side looks like high elves. What’s the reasoning behind them still being void elves? Do they just not look like actual void elves anymore but still use void powers or something?