Void Elf Customization Thread (For The Void Aspect)

I can’t even wear the mog I am wearing now. I don’t care if they come close. They will never be what I want. I don’t want close. I am not compromising. I’m done with the compromises. Compromises have only made more people angry, have only generated more fighting. If they just gave us the race we wanted instead of being stubborn, all of this would not be a problem right now.

Anyone can have a dumb opinion. That doesn’t mean we respect dumb opinions. Not every opinion should be treated the same. They are just cry babies. They don’t actually lose anything. They still have their blood elves with horde lore. Alliance elves are their own thing.

So more on-topic:

What’s going on with the Twilight’s Hammer these days? Could they create their own Void Elves?


Are those chumps still around? I thought they all simped for Deathwing in Cata and then bit it to adventurers.


They appeared again working for N’zoth in BFA, who seems to have been who they were dedicated to.

Xal’atath took the body of a high elven Twilight’s Hammer member she had us kill. When she took control she became a void elf.


No doubt high elf folk would use the option to push for that.

Blizzard appears to be going to work on adding lore for all races to be all classes. I’d rather not leave that discussion to be entirely taken over by high elves when it gives us the opportunity to push for a void based Paladin. Though I wouldn’t have it’s lore connected to paladins, rather just be using the class itself as a toolset.

Nor would I leave it only for void elves. There are many races that could benefit from the concept and be damned awesome in the doing. Forsaken, Mag’har and even worgen (though worgen easily could fit with regular and even Elune based ones).

If blizzard is going to do it anyways, I’ll add my comment on how I think it should be done in the hopes it doesn’t derail my race.

I am so tired of being accused of being out to get people.

Yeah. I wish blizzard would add more class names for races. You can find a few here and there but it feels uneven in the place of what some ARs got.

I imagine you’ll be waiting a long time.

I wonder if they’ll incorporate any of trp into the new ui changes?

That could be neat. Have a spot for a blurb about your toon.

With cross faction coming have you considered just playing a blood elf?

No need for macros there.

Plus you’ll not have to wait.

Go ask in the helf threads.

This is a void elf thread.

Please say this louder for the lurkers in the thread.

I prefer differences between the races. I don’t expect you to agree, but I will dislike you for dismissing my own opinions like that.

Opposition, differences of opinion. They’re expected. We’re not a hive mind.

And I’ll bet it’ll get expanded over time.

Yes they can.

When hunting down Wrathion in BFA for Ebonhorns tincture to keep him sane you run into void elves aligned with other void parties.

Add in what Xalatath did to a elf turning the corpse into a void elf, we can assume they’re able to do this too.


tbf Xal’atath is literally a piece of Y’Shaarj, the most evil and powerful Old God.

That makes sense.


Or possibly a fifth old god… Blizz has never quite cleared that up.

I think that it just shows that there are other paths to making void elves. (Xal and the Twilight Cultists having so many.)

I ssupect a void infusion is of course needed but I don’t think it has to be a void naaru. In fact I think the reason Alleria is so powerful relatively speaking is because she ate a void naaru.

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If there is a hearthstone demon hunter I’d like to see it.

Mmm. More like, it gave everybody on the forums permission to harass?

Eh, the forums don’t group attack other things very frequently.

Eh. I’ve never considered you to be anything but fair. Same with Somand.

But I think that’s just a consequence of the people being willing to talk about it being wired all the time though.

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It’s always best to ignore people who call others petty idiots, stupid etc, imo.


That looks like a Night Elf.

You guys are literally coming into a void elf thread asking for high elf things I’m not even surprised at this rate you can’t see your reinforcement of the stereotype it even says in the title for void style. Like make a megathread then if you want called high elf suggestions


this IS a veiled alliance high elf thread

there is a dedicated high elf thread already tho

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If you see the art up close, you’ll notice he has void elf tentacles and some pieces of heritage gear.

Also, if you listen to his quotes they have a reverb effect to them.


it doesnt matter either way

just google is hearthstone canon


I see. I guess it’s not always easy to get Void elf ears not to look like Night elf.
Thank you.


though i agree that this is a thread about void elves, sadly high elf customizations FOR void elves are still on void elves. in fact, we can mix void elf customizations with high elf customizations (cool beans). the people talking about high elf customizations on their void elves, really have nowhere else to post. most such threads are 404’ed or all the image links in the op to support the topic are broken when the op loses their trust level from being flag bombed.

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This thread is specifically for the void aspect though. It’s in the title.

There’s a thread about high elf customization on void elves linked in the OP here. It was last posted in 8 days ago. I’ll link it here for you:


hyper what is the current topic right now for the last dozen or so posts?

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