Void Elf / Blood Elf Customization

It seems a little bit pedantic to me that Void Elves and Blood Elves don’t have similar – if not identical customization options. I can’t be the only one who believes that they should be the same, right? If people can play Blood Elves who have returned to the Sunwell, why can’t people play Void Elves who have done the same thing?


Because faction identity should mean something. And there should be some differences in their customization options. It’s dumb they’re so similar in the first place.

The void elves didn’t even get customizations for the player base that actually likes void elves and the void elf identity. They just got customizations to appease a certain crowd of people who will never be happy.

People who wanted actual void elf customizations (more monstrous / void inclined ones) are still sitting there, twiddling their thumbs.



Give Void Elves more eyes, blizzard


I wonder whose alt this is…


Void elves need more void customizations.


Faction identity is continuously meaningless in the Warcraft Universe, and some people on Roleplaying servers for example aren’t particularly interested in playing with the concept of Void Elves, and would much prefer to play and write High Elves.

In any case, more options is never bad, the assets exist for them to appease both camps. Void Elves can easily be more… voidey, but they can also have more ‘High Elf’ options (IE hair styles, eye colors.)

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why roleplay it when you can play a pure high elf on the horde

let void elves be void elves


Because High Elves are not a part of the Horde.


No it’s not. And I don’t care. I’m a roleplayer too. I RP on MG and WRA all the time. And you know what? They’ve gotten more than enough. The void elves who actually enjoy void elves have been left out in the cold so that people who didn’t even want, nor even gave the race a shot in the first place could be appeased. And in my opinion? That’s wrong.

It is in this case. No other race has had their identity infringed upon so thoroughly. Pandaren do not count. The blood elves are a Horde race, who for all intents and purposes, got brought out back and mugged for their options. And that’s wrong too.


“The blood elves are a Horde race, who for all intents and purposes, got brought out back and mugged for their options. And that’s wrong too.” The Void Elves are quite literally just a cheap copy of the Blood Elves, a way for Blizzard to pseudo-appease Alliance players who wanted High Elves without explicitly giving them High Elves. They don’t even have a remotely interesting story or premise, they’re just Blood Elves who made the same mistake twice, first with the Fel and then with the Void. Void Elves were Blood Elves, why shouldn’t they have similar customization options?

Any arguments made against this very very easy appeasement are just not good. How on earth does it not make sense for them to have the same hairstyles, how is that too much to ask?


The whole thing was made dumb by Blizzard.

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Which was also wrong, and should not have been done. The model trade of Nightborne and void elves should have never happened.

Because faction identity should mean something, and nothing you say will change that.

Because faction identity should mean something.


It doesn’t mean anything and all races should be available for all factions.

It doesn’t, and will increasingly cease to mean anything, especially when we’ll be able to do content between Horde and Alliance come 9.2.5. Faction Identity (or rather the distinctions between Horde and Alliance) no longer makes sense for the story being told in World of Warcraft, as both factions have undergone considerable thematic changes since the days of Vanilla.

A faction going through changes is fine, but them both being the same is not. And it’s not ceasing to mean something when the head developer himself has said more than once that there’s ways and should be ways for people to have pride in their faction.

Being able to be unique is part of that.


Imma just put this out there, all I ask for is a couple of natural hairstyles NOT, I repeat, NOT TAKEN FROM THE BLOOD ELVES (because we deserve the same level of effort everyone else got, not hand me downs cause it’s easier) then I say open the void floodgates and give em a whole buncha voidy stuff. Fel make the natural hairstyles have voidy options (say a braided pigtail hairstyles that had void tendrils replace the braids when enabled or something). Choices are good but we don’t need to be a literal alliance blood elf with green fel eyes or gold light eyes . . . that’s Valeera’s job.

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Void elves can’t go back to the Sunwell. If you will recall, Alleria tried it and it didn’t end all that well.


You’re still crying over void elves?


No op. Void elfs are a mutation from void corruption. Also high elves already exist, they’re called blood elves. A name change doesn’t change their race.


Probably because that “Certain crowd of people” vastly outnumbers the crowd who “actually like Void Elves”. Idk why that doesn’t click with you guys lol.

I like Velf aesthetic and Helf aesthetic, but it’s ignorant to pretend Helfs aren’t MUCH more popular for Alliance players. They’ve been like the #1 most requested race for years, multiple Devs have adknowledged the request in interviews, everyone with eyes sees these forums, MMO champion has a giant Helf thread too, etc. Velves were like a weird compromise for giving Alliance playable Helves and the customizations have basically completed it fully finally.

Velfs STILL should get Velf aesthetic customization options, of course. But it’s silly to be annoyed that Blizzard put priority on Helf options to appease the vastly wider majority of Alliance/Velf players. A company doing something widely and heavily requested to make a lot of people happy is a good thing…even if it means delaying work on something to appease a smaller group of people. At least logically that’s how I see it.

Also…Helfs ARE apart of the Velf identity now. They are seen walking together in the Mage’s Quarter of Stormwind. They are in Telogrus Rift learning the Void from Locus Walker. Those in-game interactions + Ion comments on them recruiting Helves/Belves make it pretty clear to me that the Velves have incorporated some of the faction of Alliance Helves into their ranks.

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