Voices you recognize in WoW from other media such as movies, games, etc

He also does n’zoth too.

The female blood elves DHs are voiced by Cindy something (Robinson?) plays Astrid in Skyrim (The leader of the Dark Brotherhood), once i realised that, I could actually hear some parts especially the laugh that she used with the same character.
Laura Bailey is obivous.


Gonna be a weaboo for a moment.

Illidan is Gaara.
Maiev is Tsunade (and playable Night Elves).
Lul’in, Number Nine Jia, and Xe’ra are Sakura.
Arator/Trilliax are both Sasuke, though the latter is vastly different-sounding.
Steve Blum voices Orichimaru and the playable Tauren/Trolls.

Turalyon is Roy Mustang.
Jaina is (the humonculus) Lust.

The Fel Imp, Patch, and sprites are all Zim.


I don’t really listen to NPCs often in WoW, but I’ve got a fun one from a different game! Well, fun is subjective.

In SW:TOR, (star wars MMO), all of the different classes are voiced seperately, and all have a male and female voice actor. Most of them fit pretty well and do a great job.

Well, I couldn’t take my female smuggler seriously in any of her cutscenes and her voice really bugged me for a long time. It just wasn’t intimidating. Almost…childlike. After looking into it, turns out it’s Kath Soucie. The voice of Lil from Rugrats. It sounds like it too. My sneaky space smuggler Han Solo wannabe sounded like Lil from rugrats. You try taking that seriously.


I wonder why she didn’t use a voice like Maddie Fenton’s or Dexter’s mom. Weird.

I’ve gotten so used to hearing Jim Cummings voice he’s unfortunately become kind of the Tom Hanks of voice acting for me, where you hear him instead of the character he’s portraying.

Lorewalker Cho = Minsc from Baldur’s Gate, Hondo from Star Wars Clone Wars and Rebels, about 50 million characters in Elder Scrolls Online, and at least two or three characters from like seemingly every RPG made since 2000… and as previously mentioned Winnie the Pooh and Tigger too.


Still wish someone would actually credit the voice actress of Matron Mother Malevolence. I’ve seen some suggestions, but nothing ever confirmed. :frowning:

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Recently realized that Josh Keaton (Anduin Wrynn) also does Sun King Avad in Horizon Zero Dawn. While my wife was playing the Frozen Wilds DLC, I also heard Liam O’Brien (Illidan) as one of the Banuk quest givers.


I don’t get into a lot of media, so I can’t really notice a lot of similarities like you other folk. Though I can notice a few or so.

  • Laura Bailey does the English voice acting for Lucina (Fire Emblem character that appears in Smash), her voice is unmistakable. In the alternate timeline where Jaina is a graceful sword wielder…
  • Richard Epcar, the voice actor of Raiden in Mortal Kombat (and the voice of Joker for Netherealm Studios’ games) voiced a good bunch of characters, though Sathrovarr sounds a lot like his Joker voice work. It took me until much later to notice such though.
  • Patrick Seitz also did voice work in Mortal Kombat, he voiced Scorpion and Shao Kahn in that weird MKvsDCU game (Richard did voice work for it too as Raiden and Joker). Though he only reprised the voice role of Scorpion up to MKX. Patrick is the voice actor for Garrosh.

This thread got me real curious. Time to do some IMDB detective work. :crazy_face:

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Laura Bailey also did the new PC in Gears 5

and like a million other things

Christopher Lee is the Thunder King, can’t believe no one said that yet.


Illidans va is on critical role

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I don’t know about WOW but I can pick out Garrus from Mass Effect everywhere he goes.

I feel the same way!!!

For me it’s Jim Pirri. I feel like I come across his voice everywhere.

And for some reason, he always sounds more like Star Augur Etraeus to me (than Nathanos).


Yep. Gideon Emery. Would know his voice anywhere. He voices Theron.
He also voiced Balthier from Final Fantasy 12.
He also did voice overs for Skyrim.


I swear that in WoD there’s a female voice who sounds just like Katey Sagal, but I’m not sure which NPC the voice is coming from.

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I mean, if you’re a fan of Critical Role then you have a few names in Blizz you’ll know.

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Chris Metzen of course!

Laura Bailey (she uses the same tone of voice for Jaina and Serana in Skyrim lol!)

Troy Baker MA BOY!

But Laura and Troy are in every game under the sun almost! I smile in joy when I hear em:). Hope to meet one of them one day!


Vulpera in general sound familiar. However I don’t think it’s anyone in particular. I do think they were thinking of another cartoon character when doing them though.

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