Voices you recognize in WoW from other media such as movies, games, etc

Laura Bailey also did the new PC in Gears 5

and like a million other things

Christopher Lee is the Thunder King, can’t believe no one said that yet.


Illidans va is on critical role

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I don’t know about WOW but I can pick out Garrus from Mass Effect everywhere he goes.

I feel the same way!!!

For me it’s Jim Pirri. I feel like I come across his voice everywhere.

And for some reason, he always sounds more like Star Augur Etraeus to me (than Nathanos).


Yep. Gideon Emery. Would know his voice anywhere. He voices Theron.
He also voiced Balthier from Final Fantasy 12.
He also did voice overs for Skyrim.


I swear that in WoD there’s a female voice who sounds just like Katey Sagal, but I’m not sure which NPC the voice is coming from.

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I mean, if you’re a fan of Critical Role then you have a few names in Blizz you’ll know.

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Chris Metzen of course!

Laura Bailey (she uses the same tone of voice for Jaina and Serana in Skyrim lol!)

Troy Baker MA BOY!

But Laura and Troy are in every game under the sun almost! I smile in joy when I hear em:). Hope to meet one of them one day!


Vulpera in general sound familiar. However I don’t think it’s anyone in particular. I do think they were thinking of another cartoon character when doing them though.

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The first time I started to play through Tauren areas, I had to stop and go, “…Worf?” and look it up to verify.


I played through Fallout 4 again not too long ago, and actually listened and recognized Tony Amendola as Father for the first time. I half expected him to tell me to go collect Apexis Crystals.


Cam Clarke as Malygos was always great, instantly reminds me of Liquid Snake from Metal Gear Solid.


Imagine Nathanos singing a bike safety song. He’s the instructor in this. Actors all gotta start somewhere, lol.


I never said Jim Pirri. Where did that come from? I mentioned Gideon Emery.

Uh huh. I made a mistake and quoted it from your quote of the OP.

Ah. I see.

Pretty much the entire cast of Critical Role

The female Tiefling called Jester is Jaina
Caleb, the german sounding fellow is Illidan
The Firbolg is Taliesin Jaffe
The Half Orc that sounds like a Cowboy is Gazlowe

Speaking of Illidan and Gazlowe

Illidan is the ogre. And Gazlowe is Macaroni Samsonite.

I stg voice actors are not human man.


Was reading through the replies and was just about to post the same thing. His voice is so distinctive and as a huge Lord of the Rings fan I recognized it immediately.

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