Vision of Perfection in Mythic Keystone Mechagon

With a hotfix that is now live, we’ve made the following adjustment:

Dungeons and Raids

  • Operation: Mechagon
    • In Mechagon Junkyard and Mechagon Workshop on Mythic Keystone difficulties, end-of-run chests now award Engine of Mecha-Perfection, or Blueprint: Perfectly Timed Differential, or Progression Sprockets for your Vision of Perfection.

This change will be recorded in our next hotfixes update.


I’m confused, didn’t mythic always award this weekly piece?

Does this still have a chance to drop in Heroic?

Does this mean every individual on the quest will get their own at the end of each run? (Example: 5 New characters all run together, will 1 drop for each player (5 total))

Nice now make the Ivory Cloud Serpent spawn faster and last longer that you made this easy after some of us put up with getting VOP the old way. Sorry had a bitter moment after camping in the air for 4 hours.

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lame i did a 2 key a couple hours ago and thought it was weird to not get one.

Does this effectively eliminate the time gate since mythic+ doesn’t have a lockout?

i hope it does

Can anyone confirm if one can get all 4 Progression Sprockets in the same week or if it is still time gated?

I got all of mine done in a single week through pure Heroic spam.

20+ runs.

I’m a huge advocate for the vessels to go away (not because I’ve had any issue with running them, but because I hate that if I do them solo I can’t then go run them with my friends when they’re on). That being said, I would compromise by saying scrap vessels and just make it cost 125 coalescing visions per run. Then at least it’s on par with the mage tower on entry cost and accessibility.

so can you or can you not get R1 VoP from m+

cause I haven’t yet.

You get the drops from King Mechagon, so it would be the Workshop wing for keys. If you didn’t get it to drop from M+ then it doesn’t drop.

And even if it did it’s infinity faster to just spam the Heroic version, you can get to R3 in a matter of hours very easily that way.