Vision of Perfection Drops


I was under the impression that progression sprocket for rank 3 vision would drop from mythic+ mechagon.

I completed a mythic + upper mechagon and did not receive the sprocket. Does anyone have information on this?

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I am not sure about M+ but i know for heroic it can drop but it is RNG based. I got 2 of them after about 5-6 runs on heroic.

Hmmm, I wish I had a solid answer. This character, my new main, just did M+ upper and got the rank 1 Vision of Perfection item from the end of M+ Mechagon.

If someone finds an answer to this I would love to know also.

Heroic has a chance to drop sprockets and Mythic always drops it.

I don’t know about M+

I heard something about getting 2 of the items in your weekly chest for M+ but I cant confirm.
That was what happened in ptr apparently

I’ve never heard of two unless you can hit both keys for 2 rewards a week as a psuedo hard mode. I haven’t tried yet on a character that didn’t already have r3. It should still be weekly afaik so the first time you should get your rank 1 blueprint, next week’s first run is the upgrade, etc and it shouldn’t matter what difficulty you did it on

Oh right I forgot, killing King Mechagon on Hard Mode makes him drop 2 sprockets.

You can get rank 1 and blueprint for rank 2 from heroic mecha as well for those who don’t yet have those.

It has been confirmed that these drop from Heroic, right?

RNG is RNG, but I’ve ran several Workshop run and haven’t gotten any, as well as a Workshop +4 and didn’t get any sprockets.