<Vigilante Nocturno> Open for Business

Do you have Horde problems? Vulpera digging through your dumpsters? Have no fear friend! For the exterminators at Vigilante Nocturno will handle all your Horde pest problems effectively and with the utmost discretion.

We are a small business looking out for the little guy…and not just Gnomes but all Alliance being pestered by the Horde.

“We do your dirty work!”

((Vigilante Nocturno is a tight knit group of gankers who will assist any ED Alliance getting camped on our watch. Call on us if you need a hand. We are only a whisper away! If it’s red it’s DED!))


I highly approve of this message :wink:


Orgrimmar, a Horde opens his mailbox.

“You have been marked by Vigilante Nocturno. Your bounty has been collected.”


Open Beta for our guild bounty system has completed. We are now accepting contracts for bounties.

Clients will receive a screenshot of the killing blow and targets will get a thank you note in their ingame mailbox for allowing us to profit from their deaths.


We at Vigilante Nocturno are committed to customer service. We are passionate about killing and the growth of our company.

A few disclaimers from corporate:

Contracts may not be fulfilled at times due to the target not enabling warmode during most of their playtime.

As per contract we will spam custom emotes and banners per customer request on the screenshot, but absolutely no slurs concerning race, religion, or gender are permitted by Azerothian law.

Finally screenshots will be provided for clients and all payments are COD.

Thank you for your inquiries and continued business.

-Vigilante Nocturno


How dare you!

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Just doing our job ma’am. The citizens of Darkshire pay us handsomely to rid their town of undesirables.

/tips hat


Well thank you for the Black Rose at least. I’m sure I will see you again.

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It’s never personal with our crew. Feelings just get in the way of business.

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The service is awesome and very fast response. Thank you for doing this duty sir!


I felt happiness when I put the HoJ to one of your Guildies last night in Daz with Whatupdays.

Feel every piece

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Finally, his bounty has been claimed but due to red tape his true identity is still unknown to us. If anyone has information on the victim please contact your local Vigilante Agent


Who are you again? ohhhh yea noone…

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Wasn’t it you that we hunted down and killed last night lol if not your turn is coming and by the way that’s an ugly mog.

Hmm sounds like a perfect opportunity for business. Currently we have discounts for valued customers and again discretion is our trademark.

Unless of course you want to advertise, that can be arranged as well. I hope both of you get the resolution you seek.

We are always open for business. /salute


100K bounty on Advaris by VN surely you know someone that knows someone. SS of her death… ownership flag in her…with the Merc in the pic as well… You may advertise “For Jae”. Is this too difficult a job for the great Vigilante Nocturno?

You left ED. Stop bringing your trash here.

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I remember you and your RP WPvP group. Talk about trash. The Alliance razed you and your group to the ground. You were sloppy and you are a horrible leader. Fact. I’m going to make an Alliance tomorrow and put a bounty on you just for fun .

You wouldn’t have to hide behind whatupdays if you’d stay off our realm.

@Jaeisa…Unfortunately we can not take that bounty. It would be a conflict of interest and bad for business.

A freelancer named Mythicc might be able to assist you. His work is top notch.