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Hey all,

Myself and a friend are looking for a new server and heard good things about Emerald Dream.

We are going to take advantage of the XP boost to level new toons and we are looking for an active guild to join. We’d love to join a community of friends and take part in any PvE/PvP content non aotc (once 120 of course).

We used to play here a long time ago when Warsong Battalion (I think it was?) was running around. Thanks for any suggestions or advice in advance!


What’s your RP backstory?

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Salty Sea Doggos

Ashen Vale

Vigilante Nocturno

^ Alliance guilds. (I assume that’s what you’re looking for.)

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Thanks for the responses guys…

RP backstory, is that a requirement for here now? I don’t have one

Horde or alliance guilds, we aren’t married to either side…we just want to find folks to do stuff with


I’m a folk. Come do stuff with me, brobot.


Well if you’re in to Goblin’s I got a guild for ya.
Super active.

Lluagor#1220 is my btag, welcome to add and chat.

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Brobot is an epic name for a mechagnome!

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Heard somewhere Order of The Blue Wyvern might be back for SL :thinking:

Hey Gnobot!

I know its been a while since anyone has replied to you here but if you and your friend are still looking for a home, Shadowborne Company is recruiting for all aspects of the game! Hit me up at Baldngwookie#1117 if you would like to know more or have any questions!

Your friendly neighborhood Wookiee