Veto'ing Real ID literally ruined the game

Boomers in facebook with their real names still “”“misbehave”"" without repercussions


Sunday thread.

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That also makes it significantly more easy for harasses, stalkers, and abusers to track their victims.


This a relevant discussion about 10 years ago when the Blizzard team said that they were going to implement it as a way to stop spam, harassments and forum trolls. The backlash was terrible.

There are MANY platforms that do require real id…and it doesn’t stop a thing.

If it gives you ANY comfort, the Blizzard team can see my real name, your real name, where we are posting from, when we post and what we post. They keep the order around here.


No. We can’t. I’ve watched the game lose what made it great. That was it’s community. I accept that is gone but I don’t agree that the easy access and quick queues we got was worth it.

I’m not worried about order being kept in the forums, that was never an issue.

My point is about how anonymity destroyed the social infastructure of the game. We traded being able to build a name for yourself and recognize that in others for quick and instant queues. I’m just an old man pissing himself here really.

This isn’t an excuse, stalking is a crime and can be handled by authorities.

As for this topic, I was in support of it years ago when they thought about implementing it. It would definitely cut down on a vast majority of the toxicity in game. However, it might open up a new venune of toxicity where people would start shaming others by looking them up on various social media platforms.

The solution might have been to just do first name and last initial.

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Sometimes the authorities trying to handle things are the problem though. For example:

I think that would just open up problems on both ends of the spectrum. It wouldn’t do anything about John D trolling but it wouldn’t take too long for everyone to figure out who Dweezil Z is.


Get into an argument in a BG.

Guy finds your social media then swats you.

Get shot by police.

Amazing idea.


How would that stop them though? Just take a look at the forums. Some people use “dead” alts, sure, but some people have no problem being various types of bad (eg. trolling, vitriol) with their mains and guild names hanging out for everyone to see.


Because people aren’t gonna be an edit*butthole if it means you can identify them and chose not to play with them anymore. Ever.

That’s the thing I miss most about Original and Burning Crusade; these things sorted themselves out. Nostolgia and rose goggles aside it really was a better time, socially speaking.

The only way that works is if you have a vast majority of players coming to the forums and caring enough about the same things to block people, which you won’t. Only a small minority of players ever visits them, especially on a regular basis.

I’m not sure your glasses are completely off. There was trolling and vitriol in vanilla and BC too, both in game and on the forums.


Really? Works “okay” with Facebook and other platforms with real names… Yeah, you have the very rare cases of some crazy stalker that tracks someone down and does something malicious, but they are just as likely to happen with people getting buddy-buddy in discord servers.

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You get a 7/10 troll score for at least being original OP. I haven’t heard this BS in years.

Oh, and happy Sunday!


What was real ID again? I forget. I do remember when we had an “ID” (rather than a toon name) that we used on the forums. Good times.

No, next thing you know you will get swatted.



It’s when they wanted to force you to post on the forums with your real name and not a character.


Oh, yikes. Yeah, that’s not good at all. :grimacing:


Don’t agree, imagine you did something wrong and got on somebody’s bad side, next thing you know your added to a blocklist database


Too easy to set up FB accounts with false data.


Blizzard was essentially going to dox it’s entire player base with that ill-advised move back then. Mass quits were in the works that would have dwarfed the no flying debacle, so they changed their minds.

There was one poster who thought it was no big deal and that nobody could find out your personal info. They challenged the forums to find out who they were, and it only took a matter of an hour or so before they were called on the phone personally. Needless to say that person changed their minds real quick.

As others have pointed out also, it’s too much risk of attracting somebody with serious issues to start stalking you or worse. Beat somebody in WPvP? They might rage out harder than you would ever expect, and then have access to finding you irl for a swatting attempt.