Veto'ing Real ID literally ruined the game

Virtually all the problems that we experience now all stem from anonymity and the ability to socially misbehave without repercussions. Every single problem that is associate with bad behaviours, trolling, being jerks, etc, etc, all comes down to lack of accountability that Real ID would have provided.

This wouldn’t have happened with Real ID tying your account to your character and providing an entity in which you would have had to represent yourself. Having an account associated with your character would have also eliminated the need for Raiderio because you could just link you Real ID for gear score and achievements…

The crazy thing is that if Real ID was introduced nowadays it would be accepted without question. We have social media accounts everywhere now, it’s no big deal these days. It simply failed back in the day because it was a new concept to have a social identifier associated with a “video game”.

Real ID would have helped solve this games community and behavior problems and prevented the community part of building a name for yourself, or alternatively “getting” a bad name for yourself.

Our actions in WoW should have some accountability tied to them.

Do you agree?



Thank you I would rather have someone being a jerk in chat than stalking people IRL. Real ID was an incredibly shortsighted idea that thankfully was squashed through sheer force of public voice.


No. I do not agree.


Social oppression is worse than government oppression, tbh.



No, I value what privacy I have.


Checking the calendar…

It’s Sunday.


Time sure does fly when you’re having Sunday.


I come from those games, where you associate your real identity with the company and can tie things into the game in a way like never before. Been playing eastern mmorpgs for a long time. People are more friendly because if they’re banned, that’s a game they can possibly be banned from permanantly.

I was a part of a company with the same mentality, they’re working on technology where you can shop, take whatever you like and walk out and you’ll be billed automatically based on your identity. They’d tie this into a program called (redacted) where if someone was seen on the streets either in trouble or doing a crime they’d be automatically identified and images sent to the police.

As convienient as both those things are, and being a part of that system myself in the past - I’m not a fan of it’s implementation here in WoW. I’d say Blizzard respects players identity and while that certainly has a few shortfalls there is a big value in people being able to separate online identity to real life - less corporate power, less collusion of information, more safety to the player

You don’t know how someone can misconstrue something you’ve said ingame against you.


hmm…i am bit conflicted here. While I don’t think Real ID would have been a good idea…but I do the support the call of having accountability in Internet.


Nope. It would just add internet stalking as fuel on the proverbial fire.


How much different from like a Wow Facebook account would it be though? Really? I think the stalking thing is overstated. I mean, I’m sure stalking and other problems would be present but not common if your real name and a perma-ban was at stake.

Also, just with a real identifier being present would cut down 99% of the problems with this game now.

I think the truth is simple; folks like being anonymous jerks. I think WoW players honestly enjoy crapping on other players and then silently slithering back down into the dregs from which they came.


No. Gaming is about fun and escapism. Getting away from life for abit.

Real id is only for real life friends or family.


You’re not wrong. However, I also don’t think those jerks should have the ability to prey on “noobs” or “bads” either. And it would happen, because it happens now. Jerks are gonna be jerks; let’s not give them more ammunition.


Anyone else remember of the story when Blizz tried to push Real ID on the forums and people found the address of one of the blue posters?

Yeah, Real ID was never a good idea on the forums and it would be a nightmare if people were forced to use Real ID.


dude u cant make this statement and then say its an acceptable option.

the conversation ends right there.



That’s where I’m at. I’m not saying I support Real ID, in fact, I was one that took to the forums back when to put a stop too it.

But, if they came up with something similar. Maybe a system that used your Battletag ID as a common identifier. Really, all it would take to straighten out the trolling and ones that just enjoy calamity and drama is a way to consistently identify them.

I just recently returned from not playing for 20+ years and don’t remember the people in game being so horrible back then. I mean people got to know you thru how your character behaved. It was glorious. I mean there are always a few trouble players but they always sorted themselves out.

Now, it just feels out of hand. Zero accountability. People just say mean and ignorant things simply to do it.

I’m all down for a family name / username sort of thing attached to your characters, but real ID seems a little far (and out of my personal comfort zone).


Yeah, that was on the main thread. If I’m remembering it correctly, people were basucally saying “would you be ok with you name everywhere”. The Blue responded that it was on all the Blizz games anyways and gave it. A few posts later someone dropped all kinds of personal information, including that.


Sorry, I don’t want people knowing my real, full name just because people are jerks in MMOs.

If you want everybody to see my Battlenet ID? Sure, fine, I guess. My name? God no.

We can foster a positive environment without this.