VECO IS FOR FITE - Classic Realm for old The Venture Co

Greeting, guys.

Making this thread to help the old crew of The Venture Co that are coming back to classic to meet each other.

To whoever people that played back in the day, they know how strong the community was, specially on the World PvP aspect, thanks to the RP-PvP enviroment built by guilds such as Keepers of Stromgarde , Blacktooth Grin , Hillsbrad Security , Midnight Reveries and many others.

Much too Much will be coming back for Classic and we are going to decide the new realm once Blizzard reveal them on upcoming days.

I hope to find you guys there and enjoy once again the long day world pvp.



Hey! Good to see a familiar name from ye olden days.

The Midnight Reveries are still around and gaming together daily. There isn’t too much hype over classic, but we’re all old farts now and rarely hype over anything. I know myself and a few others plan to at least dive into classic after launch but we don’t have any grand plans.

You guys rolling on Grobbulus?

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That’s good news. I’ve found many players from old VeCo in the forums these days.

There is a good chance that we will roll on Grobbulus. We are still discussing it on our FB group.

By the way, Blizzard made oficial threads to find old friends from The Venture Co.

Horde: The Venture Co Horde Reconnections

Alliance: The Venture Co Alliance Reconnections

Aovi Moonwatcher will be on Deviate Delight. It will be nice to be young again.

For the Herd!


Forgot to set Aovi as my poster…some old goes to the bone.