Vault of the Incarnates Raid Finder Wing 3 Now Live!

Vault of the Incarnates Raid Finder Wing 3 Now Live!

End Raszageth the Storm-Eater’s plans of freeing her fellow incarnates within the Vault of the Incarnates beginning December 12 with Dragonflight Season 1!

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Damn I wish Shadowlands hadn’t destroyed my guild so I could raid it.


Still wish LFR would just release with the rest of the difficulties. It’s annoying having to wait so long for people who primarily play that difficulty.


I’m pretty sure it’s to pace people so they don’t bum rush through it.

I don’t know if I agree, but I understand.


something tells me we’re too late and fail to stop her plans to free the next big bad of the expansion


Shoot we’re already getting the I’m bored threads. Might as well at least give folks all the wings to do every week too.

That literally doesn’t make sense when people see the end boss in Normal on day 1

Normal is BARELY harder than LFR anymore, there’s literally no reason for it to be so ridiculously gated other than blizz trying to pad out subsriber numbers by making LFR players stay subbed another month


Man I don’t get those threads. I’ve been playing consistently since launch and I still have tons of stuff on my to-do list.


I honestly believe most of those are troll threads though.


Counter point: Can you think of a reason WHY they do this?

It’s like an 80/20 thing. Yeah it’s annoying if the ONLY thing you do is LFR.

But… if LFR is all you do, you really shouldn’t mind waiting another week. You’re basically admitting you’re not moving forward into Normal, Heroic, OR Mythic. Otherwise, you’d be doing them!! lol So… what’s the rush? You will have 12+ WEEKS to complete something that will take at most 8 hours of your time.

The same isn’t true for people that play the other tiers.

But even if you disregard all of that, another reason to wait is your average LFR player zones in, gets to boss and then says “what do I do?” As they proceed to stand in fire, not dodge anything, etc etc.

Until the people that have already spent a week in Normals+ speak up and explain some of the (if any) difficult aspects of the fight.

Why are you waiting a week? For leadership.

Because… you’re not fooling anyone here if you think LFR doesn’t need it.


wait so why is Dathea, Ascended labeled as the encounter before Primalist Council, when it is the defeat of the Primalist Council that drives Dathea “manic enough to beseech Razsageth for more power”? shouldn’t it go Eranog > Council > Dathea in that wing?

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“Why is everyone else not huffing copium? REEE!”


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The same rush as every other difficulty.

It sucks having to wait to do content.

Not everyone has the means, accessibility, or interest to jump to higher difficulty.


Copium was huffed when wow was bad in BFA/SL. DF is actually good.

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Why not also release LFR along with everything else?

Why do the “story mode” version of raids require me to go watch the story unfold on youtube? Or try to hide in a media-less hole for a month?


It isn’t the same rush though. LFR is not contingent on other people all getting together at a scheduled time to do the content. You can wait for LFR to open.

Meanwhile, keeping LFR locked encourages people to finish the raid in Normal or higher so they can experience the raid as it was meant to be experienced - in an actual raid setting. And no, I am not going to explain why LFR isn’t raiding, you can do your own search if you’re confused as to why that is a factual statement.

Because WoW is a game meant to be played as an actual game. You are not supposed to LFR. You are not supposed to want to LFR. LFR shouldn’t exist, it only exists as a courtesy and so that those who are at the absolute bottom have a viable path to experience the story, and these players are only catered to because Blizzard is a soulless corporation that views all dollars as being equal.

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Some probably are, but there seems to actually be people who don’t like 3 pillars or crafting who play this game for some reason.:person_shrugging:

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Sure bub.



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You’re free to leave. Nobody is forcing you to be here.

Isn’t that what was told to people like me complaining about SL?

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Cool, so the raid is opening on a Monday?