Vashj Only 1 shots with Shoot If tank "Gets" MCd

I’m pretty sure he doesnt even play classic. He’s just a forum pvper

Well again. Like I said…

Because that shouldn’t be happening. But its still true that

Is just incorrect and indicates an lack of understanding of the mechanics

You had to check several wipe logs before you found where she performed “Shoot” randomly? Would you mind sharing the log of that please?

Do you find it strange that blizzard used the words “can and often” regarding her “Shoot ability” and yet its not often at all, or perhaps never? What is the likelihood that blizzard themselves are mixing up the “Shoot ability” and multi-shot?


Blizzard would NEVER misunderstand a bug (like they did with arcane concentration).

It’s possible sure. There is so little data for the prenerf stuff since only a handful of guilds even got to it that the likelihood of bugs on those that existed in OG TBC even but never got caught is certainly non-zero.

Then suddenly over 10s between melee attacks, while one-shotting 4 players, then melee’ing a warlock before getting taunted.

It wont let me post links, but we have a stream vod of this happening. The tank is literally off of the threat meter, with 2 hunters up top. She shoots one hunter, shoots the other and he feigns, then kills someone and runs over to melee a lock.

just hit space bar 4 times before copying link

That’s the vod of the fight you linked. 3 seconds to 15 or 16 the tank is gone off the threat table.

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Surprise surprise, the next ones on the threat table are the ones that got hit by “Shoot”. Bearhands more like Airheads.


here’s another vod just to clown on that guy even more

I know reading isnt your strong suit…

Airheads this morning: “I’ve made a huge mistake”


  • Dungeons and Raids
  • Fixed an issue where enemies, such as Kael’thas Sunstrider and Lady Vashj, could wipe threat from their primary target after mind controlling players.

It was a bug. OP and everybody else was correct.


Which I literally acknowledged multiple times but… again… reading etc.

take the L bro you got rekt

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