Vashj Only 1 shots with Shoot If tank "Gets" MCd

Shoot = Ranged attack Vashj does to the top threat if they are not in melee range. It will 1 shot anyone who is not a tank typically.

Multi-Shot = Ranged attack Vashj does to random players and will hit other nearby players to whoever was targeted. This is unavoidable but it is survivable for everyone as long as you aren’t hit by other damage like an unlucky spore (people may have to wear slightly higher stamina gear to survive this if they are cloth… it does around 9-9.5k dmg on cloth).

You are getting these two attacks confused.

In response to the OP, you are correct… the threat drops always occur after a persuasion is cast and it seems likely to me it happens when the tank is targeted by the persuasion but isn’t actually mind controlled (perhaps from a resist or a grounding totem). Fortunately, Vashj is tauntable so you can easily have another tank who is 2nd in threat or who can taunt the boss immediately after the threat wipe.

Please tell me again that shockblast is not threat based while claiming to be the arbiter of intended mechanics. Could use a good laugh.


I certainly am not getting those two confused lol. SHOOT, NOT MULTISHOT, is listed under the NOT A BUG forums, as an ability that will frequently fire at a random target

Lady Vashj

  • Lady Vashj can and often will decide to wield her bow and begin using her Shoot ability on random players other than her current threat target.


Literally no one brought up shock blast threat. Try to keep up

Ignore him, he’s simping for Blizzard like a stage puppet. If Blizzard told him he could fly he’d jump out a window.



You cant even keep up with your own nonsense.


You seem overwrought. Don’t get so mad just because YOU cant kee up.

If she’s randomly meleeing people that could be evidence of a threat drop/bug. Her shooting random people is not evidence of this. Pretty basic stuff my guy

Well then try to keep up, because she DID melee a warlock. Keep up.

I’m sure the fact that the ONLY times she ever used Shoot on a target other than the tank was during the time she melee’d the warlock was pure coincidence. Yup. Sure.

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buddy, if blizzard put it on the “not a bug” list, its likelihood of being a bug goes up, not down.

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Remember when mages were saying “clearcasting is bugged, its not proccing when casting blizzard anymore” … and the devs put in their “not a bug” list that “blizzard ticks cannot proc clearcasting”, completely missing the entire point? Then had to eat crow and fix it a few weeks later? Yeah, about that.

Sure maybe… But why is

the hill you’re choosing to die on when they’ve explicitly said you’re wrong? Other than you’re an angry little guy in general?

Simping stupidity can make me angry, not gonna lie.

Thats not how that happened btw but cool story

Exactly how it happened. Lying will get you nowhere.

Poast the proofs

Interesting. I’ve never seen her use “Shoot” on someone unless they pull agro, the tank gets mind controlled, or the tank has their threat wiped. Have you?

Yea definitely. Its usually on the tank, but she will occassionally pop one off on a random. I actually had to go check our wipes to find one, on our kill we did get lucky and she only ever shot the tank

May 25 not-a-bug list:


Arcane concentration will not proc from Blizzard damage.

JUNE 1, 2021 Hotfix

  • Mage
    • Blizzard once again has a chance to activate Enigma’s Solitude and Arcane Concentration on cast.

Now try to spin that into some other nonsensical response or change the subject, as always.


I literally have a twitch clip showing the tank getting wiped from threat.

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Just curious, how many times have you done Vashj or attempted her?