Vanilla players

Trying to see if any real old timers coming back for classic team alliance team softcore the big 4 raiding guilds. not sure who all would remember me I was one of the man people pushing for druids.

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I was in Excel, Faded, and I forget the other name Faded had before our drunk GM gdisband us. lol I am coming back for Classic, can’t wait for it to be honest.

I’m coming back for classic too… not looking forward to getting rank 13 again though

I’m making my grand return, grinding all the way to R14 again :slight_smile:

I’m already set.

I remember you!

I spent a lot of time on Gilneas, lol. I had my Night elf, Field Marshall hunter, Usha. My healing/raid leader Night elf, Okura. Oh, good times, good times.
I wonder if Lixx is still around, maybe lurking out there somewhere.

I saw Lixx post on here somewhere. I think in the other old school topic.

Hello, I’m sure you guys would remember me… Yumika-NE Priest :grin:

of course I remember Yumika, who could forget the hottest NE priest on Gilneas?


We raided together in Excel. Along with Tahdow, Greatness, Tsegoa, and many others.

Turagdar from Storm here! Coming back for Classic!