Vanilla Galakrond Circa 2007 <Relentless Assassins>

I am looking for my first guild mates!! There’s a thread here on the classic forums if you are looking for your old guild mates.

So far I think I am the only on the list. I can’t remember what my character name was but if I say I deleted my level 33 warrior because of the skull and crossbones on my back, and rerolled Rogue before I finally switched to Priest, and you remember, then you were in my circle of e-friends and I am looking for you! Specifically Mike and his gf Whisperwind and the rest of the gang. I’d love to meet up again ya old farts! <3

I ended up being the GM of and was on the server until around 2009 or 2010 but transferred off in effort to follow population.

Will you be playing classic?