If you're looking for your friends from Vanilla

This is the website to find your OG Vanilla friends; a guild mate just linked it too me and I am now signed up.



I was looking for this!! Thank you for posting!!

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Welcome, I am so excited; so many names and friends!!!

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unfortunately, I was living in Europe from vanilla to WOTLK (now back in Australia), so i’ll be entering classic solo.

Oh, that’s sad… you can however reconnect to friends in the UE and down under on Battle.net

Assuming your friends from your old server(s) indeed list their Battle.net tags on the site.

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I went through so many name changes and servers over the years that I’m not sure if I actually remember the name of my first character or not. I entered it on your site as IvanaPlay when Blizz first announced classic.

I was looking for your site the other day and it’s really hard to find. I searched reddit, facebook, Twitter and it used to be in Google but I didn’t find it there either. Do you use Twitter? Maybe tack it to the top of your page with some hashtags so people can find it? I would love to help boost visibility by giving the tweet a like and retweet.

My account transactions only go back to 2010 so I can’t see what it was. There used to be a record of payment for the name change but it’s not there anymore. I’d love to find my first guild mates. We had so much fun.

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Not my web page, but I am super excited about the whole project and figured you all would be just as I am.

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If you can remember your server name, and you can remember your old guild name then you might be able to search that way.

Found my BC raiding guild GM using this site!! /endorse


i have a group of good friends in scandanavia who i played with.
i’d be thrilled to find a small oceanic RL friends guild of good people who can use a disc. healer (from level 1).
i’d be more than happy to take on professions that would help the guild, and if they are planning to run instances often, that would be just what i’m looking for.

i’ll be playing on an oceanic pve server (assuming there will be one), but i also love my pvp (i’m 51 now, so i like to ‘level peacefully’).
i’ll be playing a lot, so it would be nice to have guildies who are also.

—never mind. I figured it out!

Do you know how to access the Discord? I got an invite but it opens up in a browser and is asking me to verify my account. When i try to verify it says my e-mail address is already linked to another account, which it is. It looks like they have themselves listed as private.