Valentines 2021: Why didn't you TELL us

EDIT: They are making it 50+! Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Ty blizz wheeheehee

Miserably disappointed. MISERABLY

Every year, you only had to be the maximum level of the previous xpac to be able to get a chance at the Valentines mount.
This year, you need to be MAX level.
Now, that isn’t entirely a problem, but why wait until the day of/night before the event? I couldn’t prepare alts for this. NO ONE could.

This is the only event I look forward to each year with WoW declining (will spare you all another ramble on that), and the only thing I resubbed for this time around. I cannot believe they wouldn’t even announce it.

Idk what else to say. I’m pissed off.


Terrible, terrible, horrible, horrible, horrible decision. I kind of knew this was coming due to the Winter’s veil event. I tried to get all of my characters to 60 but working on my main and actually having somewhat of an actual life I only managed to get a few there.

Really incredibly stupid decision. Blizzard needs to understand people will get over a small bad design choice here and there but when they become more and more frequent and add up people will get fed up and seek out other games that actually make sense when you play them.

The requirement has always been previous expansion max level in the past. Why the sudden change now? Mount farmers I’ve met are some of the most hardcore fans you will meet. I’m certain (and we’ll see if this is the case in threads like this one) many of them are going to be extremely upset with this one and justifiably so.

Just like OP said ANY kind of warning would’ve been greatly appreciated.


I don’t understand why everyone is so mad about it.

(PS: I’m joking. I totally understand why everyone is mad and I hope they increase the drop chance to make up for the fact that people can’t just farm with their lowbies anymore)

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A level 50 heart can’t contain this much love. We need at least ten levels of more room! :heartpulse:

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Judging by the transmog, you can see how OP is passionate about the Valentine event.


If the only thing you are subbed for is a mount, you are literally better off quitting WoW, taking up wood working, and making a spring horse of it in your back yard.


I am not only disappointed but the Crown Chemical Company will be hearing from my attorneys.


Only this company would put a such a dumb restriction on a world event.

But then again, these are the same guys who gave us WOD and think pvp gearing is fine while screwing over pve


wait. WHAT??? well heck! there goes my chances, i only got 2 level 60s so far!


honest question, not snark

have the holiday bosses ever dropped mounts for non-level capped characters this long after an expac release?

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Was gonna ask the same. Hasn’t it been for capped toons for a while?

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It’s a freakin Valentine’s event. Make the rewards accessible to everyone.

…not just the people that bought the latest xpac.

What a dipsh*t move.

So that’s what happens when you drown a Night elf in pepto

Watch them announce level 60 boost


No no, your suffering sustains Ion.

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Yes like a full year+ into an expansion it required previous expansions level cap.

I don’t disagree with you. at all. I think it’s dumb that the mount is locked to capped toons.

but it’s equally silly for people to be all surprised pikachu face when I’m pretty sure it’s always been like this :woman_shrugging:

oh. well if that’s the case and I’m wrong, commence with the pikachu face.

idk why they cap it. even 2 years into an expansion.

Mortis, I got my eye on you now


Ok blizzard


are we really suprised? Ions whole job at Blizzard is finding ways to screw players over as much as possible.