Valentines 2021: Why didn't you TELL us

Wait… people are complaining about getting to level 60… from level 50. Which takes like what… 8 hours?

Blizzard should take note they stuffed up when the mount collecting communtiy gets mad.

You really goofed up, Blizzard.

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It’s the night before the event, that’s the main problem here. Not enough time to prepare

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How many 60s do you have?

Sure, and I expected this to happen. It’s just the mindset of restricting events behind walls…because reasons. It is very counter-community, and casts yet another layer of shade on the dev team.

Build bridges, not walls.

Their goodwill tank is really dusty right now.

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LMAO That’d be an absolute slam dunk honestly.

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But if I had known early on that they would not be following the previous minimum-level-pattern and instead making it 60, I would make all 15 of my alts level 60 for V-day 2021

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Because this mount is like a 1 in 3000 drop rate or whatever hardcore mount farmers have been known to have 40, 50, maybe even more characters at the required level which has always been previous xpac max level. Even with that many characters people have been farming it for 10 years with no luck.

People may have spent those hundreds of hours leveling as many toons to 60 as possible if there was any sort of warning they were randomly going to change how it has worked for years they may have done so.

You’re welcome for the explanation.


yep. this is a great way of putting it too.



Thank YOU!!! They are listening.


No love this year. :’( And definitely NO love rocket.

I’m getting an error message that I’ve entered too many instances lately while trying to farm this. I get it by about the 8th alt. I think I have around 24 lvl 50+s.

I only have a few hours per night to play so very frustrating. I even tried to que my dps in between tanks and healers to eliminate the issue.

GL Rocket farmers!
/morale support

Well… There is a reason my account time runs out in 6 days - the Winter Veil fiasco. This just reinforces my canceling of my subscription. The latest design changes and choices made by the devs have pushed me off the island…

can only enter 10 instances per hour (or around that)

I got the Love Rocket this year :open_mouth:
Can finally complete my pink look, ahah
Mount dropping for me or not, I’m glad things went well this year/the level requirement change was not permanent

Gl to everyone running the V-day mount, youll get it next year I’m sure =)

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