[US][H][Area52] <Calamity> 9/9N 8/9H Aberrus LFM!

Hello, Thanks for taking the time to read our post. Calamity is currently looking for more to fill the raid and push keys in 10.1. We raid Tues and Thurs at 7-10pm EST. Our main goal here at Calamity is AOTC. We also like to push keys as a guild. If raiding with some good friends and pushing keys for a good vault = a good time to you, then please reach out to us!

We are currently 9/9N 8/9H Aberrus

Current needs:
Ranged DPS:
Boomkin, Priest, Hunter, Warlock
resto druid, evoker, MW, or priest.

10.1 we are hitting the season running but we need more people like you to help the raid team and we need you for our M+ groups. Come and enjoy the game with some friends instead of pugging.
Bnet: Strohs#11784
Discord: Stroh#7706

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Still looking for more Dps

Need to find a raid team? Come join ours!

If you have any room for an enhancement shaman I would be interested!


You got any room for a dps warrior with prot offspec?

Would love to join.

Yes we do, Do you have a Bnet or Discord so that we can talk?

Discord is darrengotgame. Bnet is myxlptlk#1471

Still looking for healers and rdps

I am in the market to get into a new group for raids and other end game adventures.
I have a healer and/or rdps raid ready and on horde side. Would love to discuss further. My discord is: jburr4186#3657
or BNet: jburrr#1206

Looking for DPS

Grilled hot ham and cheese sammy

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Still looking for more!

Still looking for more to join us!

LFM Tank, DPS, and Healers

how many warriors you got?

2 warriors at the moment

Still looking for more dps

Come get AOTC

Looking to fill our raid roster for 10.1.