[UPDATED NOVEMBER 1] 9.1.5 Content Update Notes

Was hoping for some sort of actual balance changes. Pve is bad enough. But pvp is flat out terrible in balance. All this time for changes that should have been made before shadowlands even launched.


Please add all of the artifact appearances to timewalking mage tower


  • Reaching 80 Renown no longer requires completing the Shadowlands Covenant Campaign.
  • Unlocking your third Soulbind on any character allows alternate characters joining that same Covenant to start a quest that will immediately unlock their second and third Soulbind.

Neither of these sounds like a true covenant campaign skip. There are rewards, like covenant armor, tied to specific campaign steps. Are those restrictions still in effect?


Lovely near my birthday…but still not really excited for this patch tho.


The Honor cost to upgrade Unrated gear reduced by around 25%, and the Conquest cost to upgrade Rated gear has been adjusted to spread across the new ranks

What does this even mean. There is no conquest cost to upgrade anything, and what “unrated” gear are you talking about? Disheartening to see that this is so out of touch with pvp.

Assuming that you mean the conquest gear… 25% reduction might seem like enough, but it costs an INSANE amount of honor to upgrade from rival to duelist pieces. Something like 80k iirc. Hopefully this is thought through because doing that honor grind on multiple characters is truly brutal. Give us something lucrative like 10k honor from the great vault if we don’t want a piece of gear. That way we can still be progressing instead of picking the useless tokens for the third week in a row when all three options are bad.


Really nervous that Legion TW is going to coincide with Endwalker release…

… EW will win for me, but it will be extremely frustrating…


I think the funniest thing here is the 20% buff to that awful Kyrian vehicle combat stuff. Now if only driving vehicles in WoW wasn’t so janky and awkward…


Great that Companion App will now support WoD garrison, but could you maybe make it a little bit faster? Needing 5-10 seconds per Shadowlands adventure to complete is a bit lengthy and makes the app not worth using versus logging in and just heading to the table. Maybe a Complete All Missions button or something? Especially relevant for WoD since there is no hp, vitality(for troops), bonus loot, etc…

Hilarious if Blizzard thinks timed old expansion dungeons will keep people away from Endwalker.


Just saw some of the changes to the dungeons during the other Timewalking events, kind of happy to see Pit of Saron gone, always seemed to either be bugged or tuned badly. Not sure how to feel about Botanica being swapped in for BC. Grim Batol being swapped for BRC, again, unsure especially with some of the boss fights.

I wish they would give us the full suite of dungeons in TW, instead of picking and choosing. It makes running the TW weekly really boring when you just get the same couple dungeons over and over…!


One thing’s for sure: We’re gonna see an upsurge of threads asking for Blood Elf Druids.


Indeed, only fear I would have with that is, we have seen how badly some of those dungeons are tuned or bugged, imagine Halls of Reflection or Occulus.

I’m sure we will, if only Blizz would take the time to implement class skins, we could see a lot of the class and race combos that have been asked for time and time again.

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“You are now able to set sail on a Normal, Heroic, or Mythic Island Expedition alone”

Right before the Lost Ark closed beta starts. lmao
Kind of makes sense tho, it really should only take about two days to get through all of 9.1.5 anyways (since mage tower won’t be available on release, or legion m+)

Do y’all care at all about what people actually have fun doing in this game? I seriously do not understand it.

If your priority as a dev team, company, etc was really on MDI/esports, you would make sure that EVERY dungeon in the game was able to be m+…but that is so far from the case, it’s laughable.
If your priority was raiding, you would make more of them and have better/variety of loot drops…again, not the case.
If your priority was PvP, you would make new maps, game modes and not recycle content for years on end…yet again, not the case.
Even world content - despite your insistence upon maintaining the completely asinine world quest system that has been lamented over for 3 expansions in a row - NOT the priority.

So, I ask, what is your focal point? Because if it’s not esports and its obviously not PvP and its also clearly not about making money(hence the absolute hemorrhaging of subscribers as of late), what is the point here with 9.1.5? To artificially keep me waiting for “the good content” for months on end?

Commit to something, or fail at everything.

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Blizzard that wont make half of the people come back, yea it is good to see changes, it seem like good work, but its late just late… hopefully the rest will enjoy them.


I am missing an entry: “Increased stack sizes of all crafting materials…”
Why are we still left with only 200 per stack and no additional storage space while every expansion throws in a ton of new crafting materials?
At least let older expansion materials stack a lot higher, and I am thinking of 2000 or even 5000, this would free a lot of storage space!

This is hotfix level and has zero impact, just replacing an arbitrary number in the database with a higher arbitrary number while that field has a width of at least 32 bits anyways.


Well, Devs never listen to my feedback and i tried via PTR and Forums on the following section KORTHIA AND THE MAW

We still don´t have a skip for alts in order to unlock Korthia NPC that receivs Korthian Relics, so we´ve to complete a 9 quest chain on each character in order to deliver the currency and buy things from NPC.


Because this lack of functionality has basically zero consequence for people that aren’t gold farmers that ruin the WoW economy. There is no purpose to sit on mountains of reagents without using them/selling them