[UPDATED NOV 8] Dragonflight: New Adventurers Needed at Exile's Reach

[UPDATED NOV 8] Dragonflight: New Adventurers Needed at Exile's Reach

If you're new to World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, you can start your adventures in Azeroth with an introductory experience fit for a hero.

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Neat, so how about putting something in Exile’s Reach that teaches people how to interrupt?


^this. Very much this.


You missed the part where it should teach you to interrupt often, and if you don’t you die.


It’s a good beginning but it really could stand to be longer and more detailed in certain aspects of your class.

I get more of a learning experience out of the worgen start zone. It needs to have that kind of length or the goblins zone as well.

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I wonder if there is any plans to reward or incentivize guides


3/4 of the classes don’t even get an interrupt before level 10.

The intro island is a joke. No abilities, no CC needed…needs to be completely redone.


Are my low level alts able to be Guides?
It would help a lot of new players if guides on their alt were able to see that they are new so we can help them while in dungeons.

Many get vote kicked by people who believe they just arent trying when in reality they just joined the game.
I have seen people who just started a week ago get kicked because people didnt realize they are new and didnt understand the mechanic.

Add a buff when in a group with a new player so people know there is a new player in the group so people dont kick them and get rewarded for helping them through it.

Exiles reach is not enough to learn how to play current WoW aside from how to move and press your most basic abilities pretty much.


Could you please clarify when Chromie Time will be available for current level 50 characters? It doesn’t say anywhere in your blue post.


Thanks for asking about this. We’ve just updated the article with the following:

If you’d like to select a different Timewalking Campaign, simply speak to Chromie again. Beginning with phase 2 of the Dragonflight pre-patch, Timewalking Campaigns will scale to level 60. The Shadowlands campaign will be available as a new option for veteran players once Dragonflight launches.


Very worried about kicking new players out of the chat at level 20. There is still so much to learn even at max level about this game that I think it’s an incredible disservice to new players to forcibly remove them after they barely play the game at all.

I also think it should be expanded to a New AND Returning players chat. That way someone can ask for help if they are returning after not playing for some time, same as a new player would.

As for what qualifications may remove a new player, I’m not certain what is needed but certainly more time than hitting level 20. They shouldn’t even be removed at max level right away.


Blizzard the amount of “wave to gor’goth” in the new player chat is staggering. Can you redo that quest so it better explains how to emote? Also why are there no shoes on exiles reach.


Are the green quality boots still missing from the quest rewards? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Great to hear, thanks!

Can you make the Horde tabard from Exiles Reach transmoggable?

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As an experience player, Exile’s Reach makes me cringe. I could see it might be useful if you are new, but if you know the game it’s kind of painful.

Thank god.

Get me out of this literal hell known as Shadowlands.


good, now please remove all quests that take new players away from BfA. including the useless class quests that want you to do Shadowfang Keep which they can’t queue for and absolutely nobody is doing in group finder.

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How about completing the Exiles Reach transmog set I believe all pieces were available, but the boots may be wrong this has been out since Shadowlands and still parts of the transmog are missing.


I started a new hunter for the first time ever in retail. Do not recommend. 0 stars. They have steady shot at level 1 and that’s it. Then arcane shot. It’s awful. At least in classic you started with 3 things (granted 1 was autoattack… but still!)

I think the starting experience needs to be reconsidered all up.