[UPDATED NOV 8] Dragonflight: New Adventurers Needed at Exile's Reach

What if that’s not in line with how they’d prefer to play the game?

I didn’t know new players were kicked out at lv20. That makes no sense!! :eyes:

I know plenty of max level characters who got to max level not knowing how to do things longer time players think of as basic. Hell, I had never seen an MMO before WoW and didn’t even understand aggro until someone explained it to me when I was like lv45 or something like that. (Back in vanilla.)

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The problem with Exile’s reach is there is no racial fantasy. Nobody rolls an elf and wants to get shipwrecked and kill ogres on some generic island, they want Silvermoon. I wonder how many new draeni are surprised to find their capital city is a crashed spaceship. The more Warcraft centric races probably seem totally strange to a new player in a scenario with zero racial context.

Exile’s Reach should be an optional scenario AFTER you complete the initial starter area that introduces you to the race. Then it asks if you are ready to join the Alliance/Horde on a bigger adventure or want to continue with your current one.


That’s cool and all, but will you finally make all those amazing transmogs available?

Don’t you need to be level 14 or something to get an interrupt?

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because a lot of classes don’t have an interrupt before lvl 30

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It is an introduction to the game, not an introduction to raiding or mythic plus.


At least they are trying, many of the classes have a talent that gives them thier resource for combat. The more they interupt the more they can do.

I feel that its not the new players not interupting but the main player base, and they dont only to get that 1 extra attack in for dps meters

Interupts are not only for end game content. You can interupt something on 90% of the mobs while leveling

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Probably because of the pandaren that hit max lvl by picking flowers in the panda stater area lol

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Is there anything new about exiles reach or is it exactly the same as before?

The whole starting experience of Exile’s Reach is a great starting point that just doesn’t go far enough with teaching the basics! It needs an update. The overall story can stay the same, although dialogue could use some touch ups, but it really needs an overhaul detailing game mechanics. The ‘dungeon’ at the end is the most likely culprit needing the most touch ups for teaching mechanics.


I interrupt all the time doing world content because they have decided world content is supposed to be a training ground for raiding but the game never used to be like that. It depends on which expansion you play.

Regardless, classes don’t have interrupts that early.

People really need to understand, people don’t refuse to interrupt because they don’t know how. They don’t interrupt, because they don’t care and are lazy players and expect someone else to do it. That has always been the real reason.

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My BIS talents avoid the 2nd interrupt passive due to not being a DPS increase, don’t be surprised if others have it this way too.

100% this. Exile’s Reach can’t realistically be a tutorial on every single aspect and situation in the game. It’s an intro to playing a new class - or for a new player, an introduction to playing WoW at an entry level. Having an NPC in Exile’s Reach say ‘interrupt the ogre’s spell!’ isn’t going to magically make people start interrupting in your M+.

It’s the perfect introduction to WoW’s cheesy writing.

Why make an article about something that’s been in for like 2 years? Considering there’s still stuff missing from the experience like transmogs and teaching basics like interrupts and the like, it’s kind of a stupid move on blizzard’s part. Like even if you’re using this to attract new players it’s still dumb considering it’s been the same bland mess, even for new players, that it has been since the shadowlands prepatch.

Exiles reach was such a let down. Reminded me of a kids movie. Very corny.

Is Blizzard aware of the BUG caused by the introductory Shadowlands questline preventing players from changing the Timewalking campaign with Chromie? Once we reach level 48 we cannot interact with her because the Shadowlands quest is hindering the interaction.