[UPDATED JUNE 24] Preserved Contaminants and Legendary Cloak Updates

[UPDATED JUNE 24] Preserved Contaminants and Legendary Cloak Updates

Get more Corruption effects and improve Ashjra’kamas.

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You should make it so you can farm Malefic Cores until you’re caught up.

Being stuck at like 6 weeks behind on Corruption even if your cloak is R15 is dumb as hell.


Yes blizzard good reminder for all who want to understand how the cloak/corruption vendor works


“The requirements for further minor upgrades to the cloak after Rank 15 with Malefic Cores have not been changed.”

Sad Faces.


Fine the way it is

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When did you become a White Knight? I know you’re HMP but still.


People stop bothering with the cloak because you consistently try to gatekeep it and make it harder.

50 resistance is nothing when people have 90 and can have 10-15k more dps because of it.

Either gives cores from more activities or remove the limit

People refuse to do content when it becomes a tiresome chore, it doesnt mean they dont know how to do it so you need to make guides.


Everyone needs to finish the race by foot

If you want to wait by October 2 weeks before pre shadowlands or whatever where everything is maxed out then go ahead

But you’ll never get the right corruption you wanted because you never farmed visions if you never put effort in getting the cloak upgrade anyways


I agree with this so much!


It’s not though, people want to play alts. They want to be able to grind what they want to grind.

You come back to the game and decide “I want to spend 7 hours grinding cores to upgrade my cloak” then let them. They pay the same as everyone else.

It’s the exact reason blizzard made the pvp conquest catch up the way it is. If some one wants to farm the conquest to get the gear they can spend all day doing that and get armor after armor after armor.

The benefit comes from the corruption not the cloak. If someone get all the way caught up on corruption on the cloak they still then have to farm echoes then wait to buy the corruption they want.


It’s a reminder for people who need to know nothing else

If a true min maxer needs to catch up he do what it takes to catch up

Which allowing them to do the same amount of work, just all at once, would do.


What a massive dissapointment. You post a bunch of outdated info like it’s new making me think you got a clue and removed the vendor rotation and did something about cloak catch up and it’s just old info.

Lame. Useless. Get rid of the rotation. Remove vessels. Remove the weekly core cap. Do it now, not a month before SL comes out.


Time to sit back and enjoy the :popcorn:


If anything was proven by the cloak it is the fact that people dont give a damn about min maxing and dont bother with tiresome chores that dont reward them and instead gatekeep rewards for weeks.

The min maxers are nothing but a loud minority that screams about everything because balance will never be truly achieved and the game would be dead if they were the only players left


At the same pace*

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They did the same thing when they realized people werent bothering with the cloak.

They believe people dont bother because they dont know how and not because they have created a terrible artificial timegated chore that people just dont want to bother with.


this is how corruptions should have worked from the start. leaving up so much to RNG has really hurt the game. Not that pieces shouldn’t have corruptions, but just having the option to purchase what you need with time invested. Too bad it feels like a little too little, a little too late.

still to much to grind. I enjoy arena. I enjoy m+. I even enjoy raiding. I do not enjoy dailies.


Except it’s almost impossible to farm the cloak for 7+ hours when a returning player never farmed assaults to even enter the visions run

Nor would they get first dibs in a normal N’Zoth run


If you mean a PuG, you have a point. But alts made for guild prog purposes, would likely get run through a H Ny’alotha run the day they hit 120. I hear guilds do crazy stuff like that for their members.