[UPDATED JANUARY 24] Dragonflight: 10.0.5 Content Update Notes

That is all.

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Resto Shaman is a legit meme at this point.



  • War Mode can now be toggled on while in Valdrakken in addition to Orgrimmar and Stormwind.
    • Several changes have been made to improve how our system handles players who leave matches:
      • Rating will be calculated per-round in games with leavers.
      • Matchmaking Value for each player in a match will be displayed on the scoreboard.
      • A warning prompt will display the penalties for leaving if a player attempts to leave a match.
      • Players who leave excessively will be subject to account review and suspensions, as abandoning matches repeatedly is a violation of the terms of service via exploiting functionality to the detriment of the game environment and the intended player experience.

Thank goodness.

jeez times are dry.

not many things in that .0.5

guess its more of the same for everyone that doesnt care about the fashionista trading post lol


Some decent changes, but still some misses for me.

Still disappointing that Temporal Anomaly is being ruined in many scenarios. There were much better ideas to change it than what you went with.

Sad they ignored feedback about how blessing of winter is a completely wasted season in some content now for some holy pally specs. Now they have two dead seasons they just cast to get rid of. You could have just made it do different things based on role of the target so it wasn’t useless in cases where we didn’t need a mana season. Also, you could reduce the cost of crusader strike since increasing it was stupid in the first place and it’s mostly melee specs that have an issue now.

With the faeline change, most people who have read the notes expect that the faeline reset mechanic also lingers, but some people on the Monk forum have said you still have to be on the line for reset and it’s just the other buffs that linger currently on PTR. Probably should change that before it goes live if that’s the case.

Also still not a fan of you moving improved sunfire away from sunfire. The talents should just be merged into one talent or you should have moved improved sunfire up to be linked directly to sunfire. You’re now forced into taking moonkin form and astral influence at all times as resto unless you want to just entirely ditch sunfire, which is basically a staple of the spec at this point.

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I’d like to see more class changes, you guys r lacking on the balance department but that isn’t new.


Doesn’t it concern others to see constant adjustments of 30%, 40%, 50% etc.?

I mean, how can you be that off, that often, with classes? It’s not new…you constantly ignore feedback during alpha and beta and then give us these huge swings for damage and healing.

Learn to balance the freaking classes Blizzard, this is an MMO not a stand alone new game with each expansion. You should have some continuity between expansions and you guys are horrible at it.


Very excited for the DR00ID.0.5 patch!

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0 Frost DK updates. Super disappointed.

Obliterate build is 10%+ behind BoS. Please fix.


100% agreed. This type of functionality should not require an addon, it should absolutely be available in the base crafting UI.

Also, there needs to be some more transparency for customers when having items made. Currently there is no way to tell if a crafter is being honest about their inspiration, multicraft, skill, materials required for quality guaranteed or literally anything.

Hopefully this is some of what will be included in the announced “profession updates” so fingers crossed.

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please chill out with sunfire…the nodes need to be in a neutral spot, because the spell is so important.

thank you :revolving_hearts:

Can you please do something about the current state of Fury Warriors? We are in desperate need of attention. All of the changes here don’t effect the build that 95%+ of all the top Fury warriors are playing. The changes won’t even bring all those unused talents up to par with what is already an underperforming build. We have only one very specific niche right now, and that is extremely coordinated m+ groups for 1.5 min insane burst damage. In all other forms of gameplay (Raids, Pug M+, rbg, 2’s, 3’s) we are in the lower third or completely at the bottom. The class is easy to play and scales well with bad gear early, so many will ahve seen it in lower pvp or m+ play and say its OP, but it hits a hard wall and all stats on higher end play confirm this. Please just look into the following ASAP as the warrior forums are currently filled with upset players.

We will continue to repeat. The following needs to happen ASAP:

  1. Remove hardcap aoe in favor of softcap diminishing
  2. Slightly buff execute
  3. Buff Tier set
  4. Give more utility

Followed by this when reasonable:

  1. Nerf Burst Aoe, likely in the form of nerfing hurricane or just downright changing how we can overlap the CDs.
  2. Buff tons of stuff to compensate for the loss in overall dmg. Likely WW and our single target abilities at a minimum.
  3. Nerf Prot Warr a little. With its current state, they make up a vast majority of tanks and it is hurting the other specs as we aren’t taken.
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Additional cosmetics are now available for Trial of Style Tokens at Transmogrifier vendors.

Gonna fix the guardian bugs before Tuesday? Yea, didn’t think so.

Thank you for the in depth shaman changes for our resto brothers and sisters. These changes will go a long way to fix many issues holding them back. I look forward to seeing a resurgence of resto sham.

That’s what i’m saying. I want to play my FDK but, it’s just poop unless the stars align. My dumb dragon main just randomly crits for over 100k, melts people. FDK just a limp noodle with no survival. Pop all my cds, oh, they didnt die, guess ill LoS for a few mins and try again.

Wow, first time in a while I’ve not been able to complain about something. Impressive changelog!

I now understand why “rings” are super rare in the raid. Can’t get away from making people grind can you blizzard.


Fantastic update, I am excited for the transmog stuff!

For next patch, may I humbly request the ability to disable tuskarr tackleboxes on the minimap? They’re really clogging things up. They also don’t contain sparks of life like dirt and knapsacks, so they’re no good to me as a pvper.


Can you please share the reasoning behind why you are removing double tap?

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