[UPDATED JANUARY 24] Dragonflight: 10.0.5 Content Update Notes

Nice, they decided to go through with temporal anomaly changes. Thought they were scrapped.

I think it will make spreading echo more consistent in M+, but also make ranged dps less relevant. If people make group comps with more than one ranged dps it’s just wrong.

Its changed to be more consistent with Rdruid / Hpriest who already have this on their 3min CD’s. Rshm / MW only became a thought 8 years after is all. Nothing too major.

for crafting can we please shadow add mats we don’t have, like the Concentrated Primal Infusion, to see what rank we can make? would also help with figuring out what rank mats we need without having to buy a full set of both rank 2 and rank 3 mats and try to mix and match


It still doesn’t answer my question why was it off by 100% thats just incredibly. Piss poor tuning how in the hell did that get thru beta being that bad

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1 - Mana spring becomes a passive effect. (~1,5k mana per minute?)
2 - Healing tide buffed by 100% outside raids.

Not a Resto Shammy anymore… we are Resto “Shame”

The worst performance healer getting the worst buffs.


But… Still nothing allowing the spacing between buttons in the ui to go all the way down to 0? Why must it still stop at 2?!

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I was overly enthusiastic yesterday and getting extremely frustrated that I could not find the trading post. I was staring at the image of Stormwind forever (Main is Alliance), it was almost like trying to do one of those spot the difference images, then it dawned on me … it wasn’t the 24th :rofl: It was fun seeing the guys working on building it though … that’s a fun little thing to add

i admire your absolute dedication to refusing to explain why you’re removing mm’s major dps cooldown despite being asked for an explanation in multiple ptr threads, the community council, and every blue post over the last month

10/10 super spiteful. thank god you’ve improved communication with players


Absolutely ridiculous nerf to MM.

Imagine just deleting Wings from the game with zero communication.

Congrats to the expansion’s first F tier spec, MM Hunter.

  • Soul Swap has been redesigned – Copies your damage over time effects from the target, preserving their duration. Your next use of Soul Swap within 10 seconds will exhale a copy of the effects onto a new target.

please address the fact that this ability currently has a 30 second cooldown on the PTR

you stated in your original post that you wanted to increase affliction’s ramp and solve its gcd issues, not gut it

having a 30 second cooldown on this ability would be a literal nerf it makes no sense that you stated you wanted to help affliction’s ramp and then implement a cooldown on this ability



soul swap is currently bugged on the ptr and has a 30 second cooldown

in your original post you stated this

Lastly, Soul Swap’s current iteration hasn’t been as desirable as we’d like. To address this, we’re testing an older iteration of Soul Swap that should help with Affliction’s ramp.

this has to be a bug and not intended right? because having a 30 second cooldown on the ability after your “Rework” next week will completely gut the spec’s ramp, not help it


yeah this

can you guys please clarify whether or not the new soul swap will copy ALL damage over time effects or if it’s only limited to unstabled affliction, agony and corruption??

because as it stands on the PTR soul swap only copies unstabled affliction, agony and corruption and it has a 30 second cooldown

so that means it’s either:

  1. the new soul swap is meant to be able to copy all damage over time effects and not limited to UA, corruption and agony and have a 30 second cooldown

  2. the new soul swap will only copy UA, corruption and agony and have no cooldown

if it’s neither of those then it’s just straight up a nerf to affliction’s ramp

these changes would not help the spec’s ramp at all if it’s intended


No love or help for Frost Mages??? :disappointed_relieved:


Frost mage need a redesign, it is aboring spec since legion.

Some great changes!

  • The icons for “find fish”, “find minerals”, and “find herbs” have been updated on the minimap filter list.

I know this is just the filter list and not the actual minimap, but can we PLEASE for the love of the Earthmother get an update or change to the minimap icons for Disturbed Dirt, Expedition Scout’s Packs and Tuskarr Tackleboxes? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone out hunting for Dirt or Packs (for the non-existent eggs or treasure maps…) and 90% of what I find are Tackleboxes.

Right now there is no way to tell the difference between them without stopping and/or manually hovering over every icon on the map, and as much as I love the free fish and lunkers…sometimes I just want to dig in some dirt, undisturbed by fish and sharks. I can’t even disable tracking for them either, which is doubly aggrivating when I can’t tell them apart from the things I actively want to hunt for.

Is there any way you could:

  1. Allow all of these renown-unlocked treasures to be tracked or untracked on the minimap like fish, minerals and herbs?
  2. Give each type of treasure a unique icon and/or color so that they can be identified clearly without requiring a mouseover?
  3. Change their minimap tracking icons to behave more like fish, minerals and herbs in that they remain visible on the map to all players until gathered or despawned, versus their current behavior of disappearing from the map instantly after the first person gathers it despite them still being lootable by all – IF they can find it without the map icon.

I have to say blizzard, this expansion is really incredible at making people want to buy wow tokens to be useful. Just love that for it. 100k for weapon enchants and easily 100-200k + for crafted gear as well as having to search someone out and farm 10 16+ keys per item. Incredible alt friendly gameplay thank you guys, really.

I feel like it is just as bad as Shadowlands in a lot of ways but people are high on new xpac and streamers telling them how to feel.

Some decent stuff in the patch but let’s be real the crafting system is absolutely atrocious. Also i didn’t see in the UI fixes how sometimes all of your abilities just grey out or your proc is frozen glowing and blocking the rest of your spells. Not to even mention the dragonriding constant d/c’s when you put your toe in a crack.


The HPal neglect - especially in PvP - is baffling.


Gotta love the Fury warrior neglect again.


You could have them simply delete your only win condition with no feedback or mitigating buffs, would you prefer that?

Smoke 'em if you got 'em, its going to be a long patch.