A list of grievances

Hunters have lost their niche or every other class has evolved far beyond. On top of what was already said the amount of CC in pvp is over the top crazy.
Think ima step away once my sub runs out and take a loooong break.

  • SV Conc refresh tied to Steady Shot
  • Serpent Sting at the bottom of the tree to provide ONLY a DoT
  • Lackluster heal that can be buffed by FOUR (!!) talents points to only be SLIGHTLY less bad.
  • FD with any latency is hokey as heck
  • Disengage can no longer be a quick spin and cast because it takes the relative position of server location and not client so you go shooting off in random directions with any latency over 25ms
  • Bursting Shot oddities
  • Weird filler talents that are basically just noob traps cough Hunter’s Avoidance…
  • Pet autocasts not autocasting so you have to macro abilities just for base functionality
  • Pigeonholed into two MANDATORY PvP talents across all three specs
  • Top of MM tree is still VERY heavy.
  • Two point nodes gating two point nodes
  • Three point nodes existing (for any class)
  • AoE talents in MM tree still best for ST build?
  • Improved Killshot existing. Why? It should be baseline because you HAVE to take it.
  • Too many skills that are a chance of a chance to proc. I’m looking at you, Windrunner’s Guidance
  • Tar Trap radius at 8 yards, and unimprovable with Improved Traps (unlike improved totems)

I think any skill that you ABSOLUTELY have to take should be baseline. The trees should enhance or replace those skills, and then add meaningful choices to flesh out your kit. For example… Survival of the Fittest as a talent is paint-eating dumb. You HAVE to take it in all content. On the other hand, the choice node below it is a good choice depending on what you’re doing (sort of). Either the skill lasts longer and gets a shorter CD OR it reduces more damage for the same CD. That’s a meaningful choice.


I’d like to add that the class has a few GLARING bugs on feign death not clearing dots or giving the shield (at least visually), and iron trap not stopping charge effects in pvp at all.

Pets also are less responsive this expansion and get bugged out regularly especially when jumping off platforms.

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I would like to add killshot without proc, feels garbage in PvE and PvP. And most times is at the same damage, often times less, of an arcane shot with proc from aimed shot or tier which to me for an “execute” ability makes no sense.
For PvP - I went around to some melee toons I have and compared their kit to hunter, since melee are quite numerous in PvP. Our toolkit is outmatched by almost everything, their big CDs will come off of cooldown before our defensives will. The gap closers are numerous and at times shorter CD than what our gap creating abilities are. And most have healing effects that happen more often than our 2 minute (less with focus spent) 30% heal. Other casters its the same thing, their defensives are on a shorter CD, their offensive CDs are also typically shorter.
For PvE -
To me it seems we suffer more than others in terms of dealing with unavoidable damage, we bring next to 0 utility for the group, besides lust, which other classes can lust and have better toolkits/damage profiles. And overall have lackluster damage
We are in a serious need of a rework/overhaul for class and spec trees. Hunter is the only class that is almost always at the bottom in terms of PvP and PvE, go back and look at m+ and raid logs going back years, hunter is consistently (besides a rare few outliers like survival at the end of last xpac) at the bottom or all 3 specs hover around there.


Thank you for atleast putting the effort into putting it out there. The other person who I have seen, Maizou, that is a CC member is absolutely cluessless as to how hunter works from what I have seen. Hopefully this will help get some attention to the class and issues we are having, if it does not then I’m unsure what will unless every hunter cancels their sub to the game ( doubt they will, just re-roll). But after seeing the feedback provided in the notes for 10.0.7 and for ret pallys which I am thankful for ret really did need some help, but then seeing the “changes” we got… It is a sucker punch. Again, thank you for trying!


Stuff I’m mad about:

1 - Season 3 Shadowlands BM tier set. Us throughout ptr, “hey this tier set adds absolutely nothing to aoe while sv is getting + 80% to an uncapped aoe, can we get some aoe?” crickets until season 3 hit at which point our m+ numbers dropped and a dev came to our forum to promise that despite us running out of time, they were totally gonna fix our aoe. After several weeks, they did… by extending our beast cleave window by six seconds, meaning our pathetic aoe could be pathetic for longer.

2 - Sentinel owl. hunters across the player spectrum, from WF raiders to multi-glads to World Quest Wendies, again and again in the beta thread: hunter has no relevant raid utility and limited survivability. we haven’t really been compensated for the loss of our SL conduits. our single heal isn’t really much help against sustained rot damage which is the raid/high key MO these days. the devs: “we totally hear you! anyway here’s sentinel owl, which solves 0 of these problems. You may also have one more single heal on a very long CD, locked to a single pet, so RIP group bloodlusters lol. We are so on the ball.”

3 - hunter family ability locking. we asked in beta why we can’t choose pet families. watermist put up a really thoughtful and detailed post on the community council forums. the response? we can’t choose pet families because it might upset arena players who won’t immediately be able to tell whether your pet has fortitude of the bear or master’s call and might have to gasp improvise. :roll_eyes:

4 - the double tap fiasco. i’ve already nerd-raged about this across the forums but honestly, the absolute refusal to engage or explain themselves just comes across as spiteful. really? we’re not even worth a single one-sentence explanation in the patch notes? honestly i get it if they they were scared of hunters being mean to them on the internet (valid tbh, nobody likes being the lightning rod for decisions that are unpopular with customers) but they couldn’t even drop a note to mispelled on the community council forums or stick an explanation in the patch notes? now we’ve got pve hunters blaming pvp hunters and pvp hunters getting mad because they’re tired of being blamed for something that disproportionately damages them and nobody’s happy, except i guess that one bad unholy DK player who got ganked in a bg and spent all of ptr whining about it.


I am unhealthily upset about arctic bola existing I won’t even say anything else.


OMG, bring this guy an award.
Unfortunately the community folks do a better job than Blizzard’s devs. Knowing the latest Blizzard attitudes she will see this and not do anything because they think they are better than their customers


Please Stop Shyvanah, this one scares me.

The servers have been down three days in a row to fix the trading post… but no fixes to Hunters!!!

Its hard not to speak up when they keep shafting you


You straight up made sh*t up and used that as an excuse to be a toxic maggot. Smh.

Get lost.

ma dude, you have some pretty decent gear for someone with zero raid kills. Getting the heroic bow and the Korrog trinket out of caches, your super lucky and thats like the perfect setup for a BM raiding main.
The way the bow interacts with your tool kit is massive and youd be topping dps charts no problem. Hunters have never been bottom of the barrel, but we have been midrange and usually are start of an xpack because of stat scaling. But we are still more than capable.
Our raid toolkit isnt as impressive but we offer alot for mythic +, tranq shot, stuns, slows, binding shot, sentinel, traps, lust. We are somewhat squishy but we have been squishy till we get good gear at the best of times.

I got VERY lucky with caches. But most don’t, and thats the thing. Without “the” bow MM and BM are lackluster at best, partly why you see some hunters do well. Also yes some are more skilled than others. But the bow is a massive damage increase by itself - and without it hunters would be even lower than they are now. Sure we bring a stun, slow, and root etc, but a lot of other classes do to. And they have other utility or a buff, or just flat out do more/better damage. We are very squishy lol.

We are the wonder bread of the world XD

Best part about not existing, is zero Ducks (with an “F”) to give.

:duck: =0

This post! The Razz bow is a big one for me, BM hunters are balanced (raids and M+) by a rare % drop. When we spec AOE we are way behind other classes and have to give up our single target.

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This post needs more upvotes!

It is nice that we are getting 15% dmg boost to Aimed shot and Rapid Fire on Tuesday. We are also getting an overall 5% damage buff from class changes.

They mentioned that we were not doing enough sustain damage after having double tap removed. This is the first time they have mentioned the removal of Double Tap.

There are still many improvements to the Hunter class as mentioned above. I’ll continue to document changes in this thread.

@your post on the CC

I agree with much of what was mentioned. While I don’t necessarily aim to provide a list of grievances, there are several things I’d like to see done to the class tree. Note that this isn’t really aimed at damage/throughput, but rather towards utility and defensives. In short, I’d like for there to be [more] choices for utility(personal/group) along with further increases to our survivability and defensive capabilities. I like to provide some visuals for clarity/support. Below, one can find certain suggestions for this very purpose.

Import code for TalentTreeManager(TTM)
For anyone who wants to look at the suggestions as part of the class tree, feel free to install TalentTreeManager, and import the code in the link into TTM.

Some highlights:

  • Moved some talents around and adjusted pathing in some areas.
  • Some multi-point talents have had their effects adjusted, and are now 1-point talents.
  • Some talents, such as Binding Shackles and Improved Traps, have either been removed or baked into other talents.
  • Snake Trap has returned as a talent-based ability. There’s also a tangent path with a separate ability that allow you to modify your Snake Trap.
  • Trap Mastery is a new talent that has replaced Improved Traps, and also provides additional enhancements to certain traps.
  • New choice node in the second bracket, where returned talents/abilities; Iron Hawk and Aspect of the Fox can be found. Both have been slightly altered. Ex. Aspect of the Fox has had it’s shared cooldown increased from 8 sec, up to 45 sec. This to prevent class stacking to a certain degree.
  • And more…

The path between talents; Natural Mending & the choice node Lone Survivor/Nature’s Endurance has been removed. Reason: Makes no sense for one to bypass the base talent(SotF) which the choice node is meant to improve on.

Image of the layout: