[UPDATED AUGUST 2] Shadowlands Season 4 Content Update Notes

So… no buffs or nerfs for healers in PvE? It would have been nice if they had addressed the strong dps healers in turn with the weak dps for M+ and the healers that heal too much or less in Raid

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Sounds good.

Wishlist/Clarifying question: One thing that wasn’t included and I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere: Are there any new transmog sets (i.e, recolours of existing mythic/elite assets that can be grinded)? Seems like the missing carrot in the recipe atm.

The problem is that right now the Holy priest is shining or breaking in all areas of wow… unfortunately they targeted the holy priest’s PvP =/

Add Slime Cat Mount to LFR


Is there going to be any sort of gear catch-up for players who want to switch toons in S4? My resto druid feels terrible in keys. She hits like a wet noodle. I’d like to swap to this shammy but I haven’t played her except as an S2 alt and her gear is garbage. I assume 252 will be the baseline for starting into keys.

you can buy conduits from the vendor, no new upgrades. Valor is uncapped at the start of the season, so you’re limited solely on your grinding ability. Leggos don’t upgrade past 291 so you’re fine there as well.

I came here to ask this question. If there isn’t a new elite pvp set… can we still acquire season 3 pvp elite mog in season 4? There is no info on this or what will be offered mog wise for pvp at all and patch is next week.

Probably not worth it. My druid is at 273. I don’t enjoy keys enough to grind valor for more than an item or two.

Can we just nerf Fury in PvP? The “mongoloid” feels way too unbalanced. Trying to chain CC just feels ineffective, their damage output is through the roof with little to no skill, RNG, deviation to rotation, etc. Just run in, mash your buttons, win.


Jokes on you Blizzard I don’t play video games.

Slimecat isnt in lfr because then you wouldn’t have to buy tokens to get it.


Irony post by a rogue

Must be defending a warrior or mains warrior.

The trinket changes are seriously messed up…“advantage”?? What of the impact on class balance? Some classes use a certain trinket while others use a different one. So if one trinket gets butchered to avoid some “advantage” for new players of Season 4, that class’s BIS trinket just got butchered and has a big impact on their class balance.

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Any clarification on intended difficulty of the fated raids? How are 2 day guilds supposed to clear mythic in a week when it rotates without extending? Are the mechanics scaled to mythic difficulty or will it be more like heroic?

Is it wrong that I want to push much higher? Because as a Sin Rogue I definitely can’t.

Is anyone else looking at the GV and thinking it still kind of sucks?

So now the raid row will contain 3 raid loot pools instead of just 1? It was already tough enough as it is. It almost feels like the play is to skip killing bosses/raids until you get the item you want, since it sounds like you need to clear it for it to show up in the pool.

The dinar thing is interesting - despite the fact it only applies to 3 items.

But they seriously need to take a look at GV to determine if it is truly “rewarding”. The M+ loot pool is about 100 items deep. So the “tail end of gearing” means 1 slot is 1%, 2 is about 3, and 3 moves you to around 4.5%. So still terrible odds.

In BFA it was a static 1%, but at least the chest of disappointment only took about 30 minutes, as opposed to spending 2.5 hours to still get nothing for the week from the vault.

So no fix for Disc Priest? Well that’s unfortunate.

Had loads of fun as Disc in CN and SoD. In SOTFO I was forced into Holy because Disc was awful, and I really hate Holy.

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I hope you’re reading the forums and please change the decision on the cat mount being locked behind normal raids and back to ANY DIFFICULTY. Due to he fact everyone is angry on the forums and if you don’t change your mind things will get ugly.


NO buffs for VDH? They need a bit of baseline damage reduction as well. Stat increase wont help, they need a pally type buff.

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