[UPDATED AUGUST 2] Shadowlands Season 4 Content Update Notes

Blizz made a post in another thread stating no slime kitty for LFR. Sorry :frowning:



Here. You forgot to add this one.


Legacy of the Sleeper(Legendary) has no effect in PvP combat.

Luffa-Infused Embrace(Legendary) has 5% increased damage(was 20%), 5% increased radius (was 30%).

Developers’ note: Guardian druid’s damage is somewhat higher than we would like in particular instances, so we are reducing the damage and range provided from the Luffa-Infused Embrace(Legendary) to tone it down.

The Legacy of the Sleeper(Legendary) was proving to be too influential in various team compositions and providing too much disruption to enemies with little recourse. We determined the best course of action was to temporarily make it unavailable(for PvP) until the next expansion.


Nobody cares. Add the slime cat to LFR.


You had months to clarify it was not LFR. People were talking about this and the achievement did not even exclude it and now Blizzard backpeddles at the last minute? That is just awful.


Please make the Vessel of Profound Possibilities upgrade all conduits with one use, so that you don’t have to buy it 4 times to get the upgrade on each covenant specific conduit.


What a terrible patch, I can see why you left out most of it on the PTR because it would have been non-stop negative feedback.

No slime cat in LFR. Not only was this alluded to via the achievements(ANY difficulty), but wasn’t this mentioned in an interview somewhere? Either way it’s absolutely abhorrent slimy(ironic?) behavior from blizzard. This looks like a straight up cash-grab to sell more tokens for carries, which didn’t Blizz just say they wanted to stop putting in more mechanics(like legendary crafting costs) that push people into buying tokens? Guess that lasted all of a week. Way to destroy any and all trust in anything you put out there.

M+ “Balance” is still off the charts imbalanced. This is honestly the worst balance I’ve ever seen in WoW. The classes that desperately needed help got nothing. Oh hunters are soft capped at 8 now…meanwhile other classes are HARD capped at 6 or less. Super consistent balancing there Blizzard /s. You’ve shown you have zero interest in balancing so I guess it’s just reroll to a meta spec. Can the off specs do 15s? Sure, but you spend hours applying for groups to get a single run because everyone wants the classes that make it super easy. I have no idea how you can think classes that can do that much more dps are okay.


Please buff Disc Pirest and Mistweaver monks for M+, they feel really bad

As of right now, Holy Priest is doing more damage and Healing than Disc.


As it should be.

Can you please clarify if there are or are not any changes to legendaries. Is 291 still the ilvl cap?

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I like you Linxy, ever since your first post and your desire for Blood Elf Druids. Be the advocate the community needs in these dark times and let the people in charge know that players want the Slime Saber mount from LFR. The achievement, in game at this moment that I’m typing this, says to complete all three fated raids in Shadowlands season 4. No where does it say “in normal difficulty or higher.”


Why nerf blood spattered scale? I just got it. REVERT that change NOW blizzard.

Balance needs more than a 5% buff.

Literally nothing for feral again. Yall are clueless.


I’ve been playing Holy Priest for years, in raids and PvP. And for the first time, since Legion pre-patch, Holy is not considered both worse than Disc in every way AND the worst healing spec in PvP - and now we’re about to get nerfed for like the 6th time in a row because of it. We’re finally not literally the absolute worst, and that’s just unacceptable to Blizzard? We have to be nerfed however many times now, plus one more?

Additionally, I can’t wait for Dragonflight to drop, with all the crappy Holy Priest talents while Disc gets incredible talents, and for none of these Holy Priests nerfs to be reversed, so we’re literally the worst healing spec in PvP again for the entire expansion.

I’m so excited for my favorite spec to be bad again and completely overshadowed by Disc like it’s been for years.


Thanks for letting us know you never listen to your customers in regards to the slime cat mount not being in LFR. At least i know i can just unsub till pre patch so also thanks for saving me money over the next few months


Will there be any sort of enlightened rep catch up?

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    • HAVOC
      • Dancing with Fate (Conduit) is now 75% effective in PvP combat (was 100%).
        • Developers’ note: Demon Hunter’s damage is slightly higher than we would like, so we are reducing the Dancing of Fate conduit to tone it down.

:clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:
men realy this sh%y class will be nerfed are you serius you play this game?


So … You kept the survival set and just tuned it because it’s FUN.

Meanwhile, Warlock set makes destro ACTUALLY fun to play in multitarget and you just obliterated it instead of tuning it.

Makes ABSOLUTELY no sense. Sure you improved the ST damage but it’s not all about the final numbers. The reason blasphemy was great/fun/enjoyable/amazing(insert adjective here) was because it provided shard generation allowing you to ACTUALLY press your spenders.

No blasphemy is like a fire mage that never combusts for fast pyros and always has to hard cast them every 20s.

TUNE THE SET ACCORDINGLY… NERF RoF, IF NEED BE… don’t nuke the set. If anything, the set should carry through into DF because of how fun it is to ACTUALLY be actively pushing spender buttons. Do you know how miserable it is just mashing incinerate to generate the entire time? there’s no variation in the destro toolkit/playstyle and all you did was demolish any fun from the spec and increase it’s damage.

The game should be FUN as much as it’s VIABLE.


While these are some good changes, including the buffs to shadow’s AOE damage with mind sear and the talent Shadow Crash. Why not also buff Auspicious Spirits because this is good for AoE as well and shares the same talent row as Shadow Crash?

Seriously, was really hoping you’d make disc priests viable in pvp

So that’s all changes of classes? That means still Survival and Destruction and Windwalker in M+ because they are already do at least 30% more damage than other classes, they are still better after the nerf. Also I really want to know why you have a discriminatory change in different classes? In 9.2, what you do on frost mage is not reduced the cooldown of frozen orb when blizzard attack higher than 8 targets, and that directly to abolish the 2 target of frostmage because you can not use freezing winds for 2-3 target anymore since the really long cd for frozen orb, but on survival and destrction, they reduced only higher than 8 targets, and when you nerf them you have compensate their single target damage. Is that fair to other classes?

exactly. The hypocrisy in the difference between the two paragraphs is almost enough to make you choke on.