[UPDATED AUG 25] Dragonriding and You: Ascending to New Heights of Skill

so blizz when you gonna release the date on regular flying available or better yet how come i just can’t fly the way i want at the start? imagine forced flying that i’m sure some people don’t want as others do all i know i love your hey your gonna play the game the way we tell you and if you don’t like it quit attitude blizz thanks.


Please consider reducing the racial for the new race from 5 minutes down to at the very least 3 preferably 1-2 but I know it won’t happen so we as players can enjoy dragonriding more on the new race.


Can say those controls are terrible which only made the racing worse.

Been playing the remake and I almost tossed my Switch a few times because the stupid little lizard wouldn’t go the direction I was very clearly trying to make him go.

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Naaaah, just put flying on a vendor for 250 gold, this is way more work than needs to be put into something that will be useless a year in.


I was so bad at the controls I’d end up face diving into the water.

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Every. Single. Time.

The ones where you have to blast obstacles close to water level were the worst because there was a small level between where they could actually be hit and when you’d just go for a swim.

I sincerely hope dragonriding controls better than that because oof.

I read it as “Dragongrinding and You: Ascending of New Hoghts of Skill”, lol.

Same thing, your grinding flying.


Another gimmick, yuppy [sarcasm].

Can you at HQ showcase what open world content will look like… cause if its just finding dragon stuff, dragon racing, and rock climbing then RIP.


I can honestly say I’ve never been less interested in an upcoming “feature.”

Edit (18 October): And now, after having tried Dragonriding in the beta, I stand by this statement. I don’t like it at all. I hate the first dragon “skin” that you get, because it’s a proto-drake, and there’s not any indication as to how you get the other skins.

I’m not looking forward to the xpac much either, because here we are again, with no solid timeline for when regular flight (with all the mounts I’ve collected over the years and without the minigame BS) will be enabled in DF areas.

Ion’s war on flight continues.


I can honestly say that I am intrigued but skeptical until I get to try it out on my own.


With the emphasis on this ‘skill’ being required for traversal and several areas (if memory serves from an article on WoWhead), there is accessibility concern stemming from motion sickness and near absence of depth perception / bad reflexes.


It also feels like a system they’re implementing … with its own potentially awful grind that leaves me feeling bad after giving up on systemlands… err shadowlands.


Fun is subjective. Flight simulator minigame just to get around without wasting all your playtime traveling across a huge zone full of trash doesn’t sound all that great to a lot of folks.


Soooo does this mean I’m gonna have to make room for like 5 more binds when I already struggle? Can the swoop and the speed boosts ect be added to another bar that pops up while flying similar to a vechile? Or at least make that a toggle option?

We’re going to be riding our dragons vigorously, eh?


Ngl, I’m not excited.
I would much rather just have the option to fly the way we can now. The customizable dragon mounts are cool, but if I don’t enjoy dragon riding is that gonna ruin the expansion? I hope I enjoy it, but it really depends on how easy it is and how fast it progresses. It also has no way to hover in the air, which I already know is gonna suck.

I just want to buy regular flight at max level again. I would happily fly through the air 3 times slower than the dragon riders.


I am really expecting you will permanently lose players by making this too dependant on something to do. You don’t seem to realize what 95% of the playbase may be able to do - isn’t what everyone is able to do.

I don’t use the primary action bar for much - I use the side bars which I don’t even know will be available with your interface changes.


I did the LWS4 grind for my Skyscale, so I feel like I deserve this update.

I skeptic about dragonriding and it seems we’ll have more advertisement about it every week til than ,I seem pressured now.


From the article:

The first thing you’ll notice upon summoning a Dragon Isles Drake is that your primary action bar has been replaced with your Dragonriding skills, as well as a new resource: Vigor.

So yeah, you’ll get a vehicle bar I’m assuming, which just makes me like the whole dragonriding thing even less, considering how idiotic and poorly-programmed all the current vehicle quests in the game have been up until now.

Vehicle mechanics generally suck; in fact, I can’t think of one… oh wait… the only one that’s been decent was the Gnomebliteration one in Uldum, pretty much because there wasn’t anything to do except roll with it, which didn’t require aiming at anything you were actually expected to hit to complete the quest. The rest? Yeah, whoever programed those should have been given an opportunity to excel elsewhere.