[UPDATED AUG 25] Dragonriding and You: Ascending to New Heights of Skill

[UPDATED AUG 25] Dragonriding and You: Ascending to New Heights of Skill

Master a new skill and learn how to make the most of your Dragon Isles Drakes in Dragonflight.

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This is a long shot, but has there been any discussion regarding Druid flight form maybe being able to participate in dragonriding? Or having something similar to Soar?

Otherwise this is something I’m incredibly excited for and I cannot wait to try it out. The videos I’ve seen make current flying look boring.


Ngl, I’m pretty hyped about it. Being able to customize your mount’s appearance and finding things through exploring. I love looking for hidden treasures!

I think stables in Org and SW are going to be for customizing your dragon too, at least that’s what it seems like.


I wish I could be hyped for this… but I can’t bring myself to be hyped for something that is so clearly and deliberately an attack on our ability to fly. This cynical attempt just rubs me the wrong way, particularly since it’s clear the devs are still spiteful at the playerbase for the fiasco of WoD flying. So I still see this as a disrespect to the playerbase and those that want to fly without a silly minigame.


I’m still concerned how the “fix” will be for people with motion sickness.

So far Dragon riding looks scary for me :frowning: I don’t wanna feel awful


I love it. Dragonriding looks like a breath of fresh air for flying which has remained essentially unchanged since its introduction. Yeah, old flying does have its perks, but I love that we can have this kind of variety.

I hope the system can be carried forward into the old world and maybe future content, and not just in the form of the Dracthyr Soar racial. Can’t wait to try this out!

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I like what I’m reading so far, but I really hope there’s plans to give interesting abilities to existing mounts in the future as well.


I kinda wish Dracthyr Soar shared vigor gems with your normal Dragonriding and got the same upgrades.

A dragon riding a dragon seems weird.


Alt tab noclipping from point A to point B is boring and too strong.


Will listening to the Danger Zone give us a buff?


Give Dracthyr Soar dragonriding D:<


The buzz I’m hearing is that it is possible that if the mechanics of dragon flight are well received, Blizzard may look into how to retro-fit the mechanic. My suggestion to the player base is, if you like the mechanic, provide constructive feedback, and remember that WoW is the “ship of Theseus” of MMOs - and “WoW 2.0” is happening every expansion, and every patch (though we may not see the changes).

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I think that we’re unfortunately at the point where anything that’s less efficient for most people is perceived as bad, even if it’s more fun. In the end it’s just efficiency and minimizing play time.

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A 950% flight speed seems efficient to me. Seems like a win-win.


I feel like it’s something that could be resolved with a ‘stance’ option for your flying method. Like I haven’t even gotten to try this out and I can already tell I’m going to have a ball with it as well as the obstacle courses.

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NGL your response comes off as a troll, you’re allowed to disagree. But telling me I’m wrong because you think it’s too powerful is trolling. I respectfully disagree and see their actions as disingenuous and disrespectful. Please don’t project your opinions on others.


Because…I think that flying is strong?

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PLEASE MAKE SURE the collector’s edition dragonflight mount has dragon riding!!!


I hope the races are optional. This gives me flashbacks to Spyro and hating the race courses… I’ll admit I’m terrible at them.


I’d love for this to happen. Maybe they could utilize mount equipment for those who want the original version of flying, or vice versa equipment for people who want dragonriding. All I know is being able to perform those mechanics in flight form would be a dream come true for me.