[UPDATED AUG. 18] Time Runs Short: Battle for Azeroth

Blame Asmongold. Somehow he managed to convince the Blizzard dev team that “play the patch” was bad. Hopefully listening to Asmongold or Preach is a mistake Blizzard never makes again.


Stop removing content from the game! Why won’t you listen? We have been telling you this for years!


they can just level straight through without those

How can you possibly put this message out there and no give us a date blizzard?!


Boo - Do not remove corruption. You asked us to farm them blindly, then you gave us a currency to farm to target them. Do not now go back and tell us that every ounce of effort we afforded you this patch cycle is just ephemeral. Instead - lock corruption to ONLY the BFA specific content and zones.


Unless they change things during beta, It was mentioned that you will still need to group up for them (Nothing is changing basically)

So we’ll be able to just run visions with no corruption timer? I gotta get that backpack


Horrific Visions with new scaling and no corruption means that they’ll probably not be possible to run at any high mask anyway, until we’ve leveled up and got the new borrowed power systems from shadowlands leveled up.

Will also be curious how we’d earn any kind of decent Echoes in Shadowlands, as I imagine the invasions will be going away, which would leave emissary caches for only 250 a pop and running old raids.

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But in the post it said corruption is no longer a threat. I hope they clarify this


That’s a great point. If the corruption resistance isn’t staying, how will N’zoth encounters be changed for mog groups in SL?


So if all the rank 4 essences are going away…are the individual achievements for some of the rank 4 essences going to be moved into the legacy tab?

For example, supplying the assassins and the 100k honor achievement. Will they be legacy achievements?

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I don’t think the invasions are going away as there are a good number of mounts, toys, and pets tied to them and if Blizzard had plans on removing them they would be on the list above.

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We would’ve needed this warning ages ago for anyone trying for this to have a shot. I expected it, but there are simply achievements not worth pursuing.


Stop retiring things. Make them more difficult. Don’t make them impossible.


Mad world title and the black serpent are two completely separate things. You don’t need to solo to get the mount.

Just the corruption resistance (from equipping corrupted gear) is going away. The Sanity drain resistance will remain on the cloak along with the stat proc.

Also they haven’t given a date true, but if they’re putting out a warning alert like this, it’s likely the pre-patch drop date is a month or less out from now.

You’ll be able to join Island Expeditions and Warfronts, even after Shadowlands goes live.


That seems extremely unlikely considering it’s a Q4 release, and likely late Q4 at that.

Agreed, what purpose does it serve?


Oct 13 is the most likely prepatch date imo.